Preterm Delivery : Risk Factors

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The problem of preterm birth is important because it concerns not only the health of expectant mother, also her baby. The frequency of their occurrence is 5-20% of the total.

It should be noted that different countries have different recorded incidence of preterm birth. The reasons are many – the policy of prevention of early labor.: an increase in advertising campaigns for a healthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol consumption, develop support programs for families and motherhood.

In addition, factors such as environment, stress, social instability, negative impact on the course of pregnancy can cause premature birth.

Premature births are occurring in a period of 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy.  Births occurring before 28 weeks of pregnancy is called miscarriage.

The greatest percentage of spontaneous abortion account for 34-37 weeks of gestation period (55.3%) for an earlier period – 10 times less.

What is the cause of preterm birth?

At risk for the possible onset of preterm labor

  • are pregnant: under age 18 and older than 40 years,
  • with Rh-negative bloodpracticing unprotected sex,
  • undergone in vitro fertilization (risk of multiple pregnancy),
  • with decompensated chronic somatic diseases, having an excessively high growth and other markers (mitral valve prolapse, tracheobronchial dysfunction, varicose veins, myopia) with previous miscarriages,
  •  premature birth and rapid, or ruptures of the cervix during  previous birth,
  •  previously undergone surgery on the cervix (amputation, a partial deletion) undergone previous surgical treatment of pregnancies at the isthmic-cervical insufficiency (CIN).

A woman, surrounded by the warmth and care, much less afraid of the upcoming changes in her life and a lot more confident in the prosperous outcome of labor.


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