Pros And Cons Of Natural Cosmetics

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Traditional recipes are the most popular for beauty. After all, for their cooking needs only to open the fridge and get the right products. Found plus and minus of home cosmetics.


  1. Products can cause allergic reactions. Often visitors are allergists lovers of natural cosmetics. Gifts of nature, giving the nutrients to your skin, and sometimes cause inflammation, redness and even provoke the appearance of acne. Some commercial products and procedures may be considered safer and non-reactive, like dermal fillers for acne scars, when compared to natural methods and products.
  2. Natural products are not equally good for all. The mask of beaten egg whites beautifully firms and tightens pores. But it is suitable for oily and combination skin, but if you put the protein on a dry skin, scaling, and redness can not be avoided. Scrub on the basis of salt can cause such inflammation, fight that long to study in cosmetology. A mask is slightly overexposing the carrot and the person, instead of dampening the effect of light and sun for a long time will get a nasty shade of yellow.
  3. Ecology has a bad effect on quality. That was the time of our grandmothers and great grandmothers vegetables were clean and natural. Not powdered milk, but fresh, not sprayed apples straight from the tree in the garden. Whether we can now reliably see how naturally the apple, which is planning to put on a mask?


  1. In natural cosmetics there are no additives. For example, preservatives, which allow ready cosmetics for a long time not to spoil. As well as coloring agents, flavoring agents, etc.
  2. Always known composition. We choose the ingredients, while some unscrupulous manufacturers can sometimes hide from us the information about the true composition of their cosmetics.
  3. Honey, strawberries or citrus fruits – powerful allergens (cause irritation, redness, flaking). In order to apply them on your skin, you should be sure that they do no harm.
  4. Hair mask out of black bread after drying is very difficult to wash off.
  5. Egg whites can not be applied to the hair. Benefits it will bring. But it does not matter. The main problem is that by washing with warm water and minimizes protein tightly stick to the hair.
  6. Packs of crushed garlic can cause severe burns to the skin.
  7. Squash and onion juice are useful in hair loss. The catch is that its characteristic odor, which disappears on drying hair, again appears, is merely the wet, for example, caught in the rain or a little sweat in the gym.
  8. Honey, put on the body with anti-cellulite massage may cause micro traumas. Honey is strongly adheres to the skin, from which literally burst blood vessels. After this procedure, bruising and bruising will “decorate” your feet for few days.
  9. Grated carrots or beets can give the skin a yellow or even purple. Such masks are kept on the skin of a maximum of five minutes.
So, to really benefit from natural cosmetics, you need to carefully choose the products to make sure there are no allergies, and that they should be good for your skin type and hair.

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