Recovery From A Multiple Delivery

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Besides having your hands twice as full, your recovery from a multiple delivery will be very similar to that of a singleton delivery. You can also expect these postpartum differences:

1. It’ll likely take longer for your belly to return to normal size (it was stretched out more, after all). You’ll likely have more extra skin to contend with, too, after all that stretching.

2. You may experience more lochia (vaginal bleeding) for a longer period of time. That’s because more blood was stored up in your uterus during your pregnancy, and it all has to go now.

3. Getting back into shape will take longer—mostly because you were probably pretty inactive for the last three months of your pregnancy (no matter how physically fit, or not, you were before your pregnancy)

4. You’ll be achier for longer because of all the extra weight you carried around during pregnancy. Not to mention all the extra carrying around you’ll be doing after delivery.

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