Safe Sex During Pregnancy

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To be able to enjoy sex it is important to know that making love can not harm the developing fetus. It is well protected in the uterus by the amniotic fluid and membranes, and the uterus itself is sealed with a plug of mucus, which stays in place until just before th birth. Even deep penetration is safe, but it should of course be gentle so that it dosen’t cause discomfort.

Many women find that the middle months of pregnancy are a sensual and even erotic time. Physical changes, such as the increase in the size of your breast, can actually serve to heighten your interest in sex, which in turn leads to an increase in sexual pleasure . Your genitals may also appear bigger and the pressure from the growing baby can actually make them more responsive. Some women find that they experience orgasm for the first time during pregnancy, while others come to orgasm much more quickly.

Experiencing orgasm is perfectly safe, in fact it can be considered to be beneficial since the uterus often remains hard and firm for several minutes afterwards. This is similar in effect to the Braxton Hicks, or practice contractions your experience towards the end of your pregnancy that prepare the uterus for the birth of your baby.

You may of course  find that you feel a lessening of desire during pregnancy, or even a complete loss of interest in sex. These feelings are not uncommon, but they can cause unnecessary stress between you and your partner if they are not brought out into the open and discusssed.

Your partner may feel that he is being rejected, so it is important to find alternative ways of giving each other love and reassurance.

Different Ways To Make Love

It is important that you and your partner show each other physical affection during pregnancy, but this does not always have to involve sexual intercourse. You may find as your pregnancy progresses that you want lots of cuddles and other signs of affection from your partner without actually having sex. Men often find this hard to understand as they tend to link such physical contact with intercourse. Explain to your partner how you feel so that together you can find other ways of expressing your love for each other.

Try experimenting with different forms of sex play that don’t  necessarily end in penetration, so that you can still make love even if you don’t feel like intercourse. Take time to find out what you both enjoy and don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you do and don’t like.

Stroking, massage, mutual masturbation, and oral sex are some alternative ways of making love which you  both enjoy and which may at times be more appropriate than full intercourse.

As you  grow larger you’ll find some position for love making more comfortable than others. Experiment with position which keep your partners weight off you.

Using Sex To Induce Labour

Sex can sometimes be a way of inducing labour. Your partner’s semen contains a hormone called prostaglandin, which will help to soften the cervix in preparation for birth. Lovemaking will also stimulate the cell in the cervix to secrete their own prostaglandis; this too may help bring labour on.

Breast stimulation in late pregnancy sometimes produces quite strong contractions which are thought to help prepare the way for labour by softening and drawing up the cervix. It has been discovered that stimulating nipples can reactivate a labour that has halted-something that your partner might like to remember.

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  1. Habibies says:

    Very Nice Info but i am not married 😉

  2. Jon says:

    very informative for pregnant women and his partner but Some men wants to closer to their pregnant partner and enjoy the changes in their bodies.

  3. Maric says:

    Good article on a subject that is not often appproached. Your article goes a long way towards allaying the very natural fear that sex during pregnancy is somehow “taboo” or in some way dangerous. In fact just the opposite — this is a special time for the lucky couple and sex will keep them loving and assured of each others’ love and closeness at a time of intense change.
    Great topic and thanks

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