Secret Celebrity Diets

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In our time, hard to find fat women in Hollywood. Today, even the stars do not tend to be thin and delicate, but the figures for reasons similar to the magic bones covered with skin. When asked about the secrets of their beauty, celebrities often talk about “good genes” and proper nutrition. However, as it turns out they’re lying.

Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrity Weight Loss

Coach celebrities Gannar Peterson, who has worked with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz, said: “Once an actress, who attended my training four times a week, said in an interview that was so thin because of yoga and walks with her dog! I have long laughed at it. ”

1. They take drugs

When Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, in the pocket of her jacket found cocaine and other drugs. In a talk-show socialite Paris Hilton admitted that they used Adderall. In both cases, the drugs most often used by women to instantly lose weight and not gain weight. Currently, Adderall is the most fashionable “diet” drug among celebrities and the number of women who use it every day increasing. Almost all the celebrities, from Paris and ending with Britney Spears, you can find in your purse Adderall, so you can stay active and avoid hunger.

Naturally, like all drugs, these pills also have consequences. Even using it according to instructions, it can cause serious mental disorders, depression and heart problems.

The medical examiner in Hollywood, Carolyn Costin, which treated many celebrities from the lack of appetite, says that many girls who are frequent attenders nightlife, crushed Adderall and snorted it through a straw like cocaine. It is known that some time after completion of drug use celebrities to gain weight rapidly and then start taking the medicine. According to experts, this is what happened with Britney Spears.

“We are very popular diet pills and steroids – says renowned trainer of Hollywood – The modeling industry scandal, when the press got wind of the fact that many models use hard drugs like heroin and cocaine to stay in shape and do not recover. Now everything has become much easier – drugs such as Adderall and easier for them to use when you need it. If the police find you have these medicines, you can always say that you have the recipe. ”

2. They eat only boiled eggs

During the filming of “Cold Mountain” in the press there were rumors that one famous actress ate only boiled eggs. It is known that the star allows a single egg in the morning and two in the afternoon.

And obviously she is not alone.

“I had a client who was preparing for the ceremony, Oscar – said coach celebrities – She ate two boiled eggs a day and nothing else. I tried to convince her that this is a very unhealthy diet and asked to add a little almond diet and vitamins. This is a fatal strategy, which really hurts the body.

“However, other sources tell us that two eggs a day for a celebrity – a lot. Some stars refuse to eat and most of the day “sit” on the water and lettuce. One of the actresses said recently that she believed that the stars are getting paid for what they eat nothing.

Celebrity And Diet

Celebrity And Diet

3. They abuse laxative teas

Britney Spears has never hidden her love for fatty foods. She smokes, drinks coffee, take diet pills and Adderall. She was also seen in the pharmacy, where to buy potent laxatives. And, of course, she was alone. Today, many actresses and singers drink a laxative tea, by which you can lose weight – certainly not as fast as a drug … Some stars can drink up to ten cups a day.

“In our time among the models and stars are very popular powerful laxatives – says nutritionist – It comes to what they drink all day laxative tea and do not eat food. This is very dangerous. ”

4. They are hostages of caffeine

Paparazzi pictures of celebrities regularly with a large cup of coffee in hand. Renee Zellweger, the Olsen sisters, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Linsdey and many others like to pamper ourselves with coffee drinks at Starbucks. This can be called fashion trend in Hollywood. Among the young stars is considered that due to caffeine may be postponed lunch until 4 pm, and if a cigarette and drink a half liter of cappuccino, then eating can and does miss.

“One famous singer could not eat anything all day and only drink strong coffee – says fitness trainer – All of our classes have been wasted, because she was in terrible condition.”

5. Some of them live in the gym

Many nutritionists, cosmetologists, doctors, coaches considered normal that a man spends in the gym floor life. But they have a different opinion at the expense of women, who for six hours a day doing “exercises”.

“This can not be carried away – says coach – If you are not a professional athlete, you do not spend on training for more than two hours a day. Many women say that they are doing exercise and eat properly, but when it becomes dependent on them is terrible to see. Sometimes there is an impression that they spend the whole weekend here.

“Despite the fact that the covers of magazines for you to look slim, beautiful and famous actress, model or pop star, after analysis of their lives it becomes clear that little chubby girl who loves her body, much more attractive and complexes definitely concerned about the star, which spends her life on drugs, starvation, exercise and depression.

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