Sex After Childbirth

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After giving birth, many women are not prepared for what is happening with the physical and emotional changes. Their libido is usually significantly reduced, and they feel that their sex life is over. Of course, it is not. Maybe your sex life changed, but it is still far from complete. Lots of women worry about Vaginal looseness after child birth, but that can easily be treated with a labiaplasty.

When can I start having sex

After six weeks at least (and most doctors are speaking about two months) of sexual intercourse should be forgotten: the uterus and birth canal to recover and return to its normal state, and the probability of infection in them is still very high. After two months, when you and your partner to throw a welcome embrace each other, do not forget that the issue of protection for you again relevant.

How to start ..

The first sex after childbirth scares almost all women. It reminds one more loss of virginity, plus a woman is still fresh memories of the birth of a child and fear of pain may overshadow the desire for sex for a long time!

Rules for all the vertices’s:-

More grease (for post-partum hormones have not adjusted, so a woman can be a problem with a natural lubricant) – More than affection (be sure to create an atmosphere of romance and sexuality). And most importantly at this point – is to make sure that the child will not hurt! Sure your child has already formed a schedule and you can adjust it under. Young mother will not be able to relax and enjoy the process, if you will hear the cry of  baby! It is important to remember! Therefore, if the child cried out, the whole process must necessarily terminate and in any case not to speak to the woman that “let them weep, we’re fast!”And of course, patience, patience, and patience again.

Women’s fears

You must not forget that the newly-made mother are very tired, if all child care is passed on to their shoulders. If all your energy and concern – not to mention the milk – are given to the child, it is quite possible that you do not have to sex. In addition, many women simply are tired of the constant physical contact with someone, they feel as if their body no longer belongs only to them . Once you’ve given yourself  the whole child, you can not bear the thought of that before you will touch someone else, even if it is your own husband.

Often the mother – and they are the majority – simply forget about yourself as a woman and seek to maximize focus on the child. At the same time, husbands, not knowing the reasons for this behavior of wife, and begin to arrange the scandals or even loses interest in his wife and looking for love on the side.

That it may be advisable in this situation? Psychologists unanimously assert that the husband should participate in the care of a baby.

We dads do not have time for their children

If you are breastfeeding …

Pregnancy turns your breasts get used to their new roles, you can install for husband rule is allowed to look but not touch. Some husbands even adds a new erotic experiences. Best position in this case – woman on top, a man can enjoy the view, but you can control your movement to avoid discomfort. It is also possible to have sex after a feeding or pumping, until the breasts are not so much milk. To prevent vaginal dryness, use special dampers.

After The Baby Is Born, Postpartum:The First 6 Weeks

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