Shocking Photos Of Baby Yoga

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Lena Fokina, 51, spins, swings and somersaults kids as young as two weeks old — often by a single limb.Her frightening “baby dynamics” sessions last up to five minutes, leaving many screaming in tears and one vomiting.The Russian, a trained PE teacher, showed off the bizarre method to improve muscular development at a seminar for parents in Dahab, Egypt.They were also taught “water rebirthing” — involving dunking kids’ heads in water to address “repressed trauma from birth.”Mum-of-five Lena has practised baby dynamics for 30 years after it was developed by fellow Russian Dr Igor Charkovsky, who was also at the seminar.

Worryingly, she claims it takes as little as one session for parents to learn.Lena said: “Some babies cry, but then they begin to enjoy it. It’s not dangerous.”I work with parents across Europe. I hope soon to be working with a family in England.”All my children have grown up according to the Charkovsky method and they’ve all gone on to achieve outstanding results in life.”








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