Sleeplessness During Pregnancy

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Stress and worry can cause sleeplessness. If you are worried about your pregnancy or approaching childbirth, discuss it with your spouse or doctor. It is likely that once you havevoiced them, the worries will disappear.

At times although sleep comes to you when you retire to bed at night, you may be woken up in a few hours, by a desire to pass urine or by the baby kicking. Thereafter it may be difficult to go back to sleep.

Restrict your fluid intake at night or in the late

evening. Try not to worry too much about not being able to go back to sleep. Recite a prayer or a poem in your mind, or, your favourite song. Avoid coffee in the evening, as it is a mild stimulant and might keep you awake at night.

A cup of hot milk just before retiring to bed will help you to relax. A warm salt water bath is also relaxing. Try and consciously relax by doing some deep breathing or the yogic shavasana, the corpse pose.

If you sleep in the afternoons, it would help if you stopped your afternoon nap, so that you can sleep better at night. Instead of a nap in the afternoon you could just relax for about half an hour with music or a book, putting your feet up as you do so.

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