7 Slimming Tips for the lazy Women

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Many women are reluctant to exercise, but they hope to get slim. Here are 7 slimming tips to help  lose weight without pain, and thrown off excess fat.

1) Increase sleep time – An additional hour of sleep time, you can unknowingly lose 14 pounds. Harvard University study found that women who sleep  less than 5 hours at night have 30 percent more chance of becoming Fat than the rest of the women have seven hours of sleep time at night

2) Laugh – Vanderbilt University study shows that daily laughter for 10-15 minutes can burn 40 calories. So please watch stand up comedy shows or movies for a good laugh

3) Taking fish oil pills -Taking fish oil pills is a good way to lose weight. University of South Australia researchers found that those who insist on taking the fish oil and walk each day more than 45 min and  maintain a balanced diet, in a week can reduce the 4.4 pounds. In addition, fish oil also promotes heart health.

4) Home Cooked Food – One study showed that  home cooked food contained 60 percent less calories then outside or take-away food and cooking with olive or vegetable oil will also assist in weight loss.

5) Chewing Gum – Chewing gum is not only able to exercise facial muscles, and found that chewing gum can burn 11 calories/hour.It also reduces the desire for sweets.

6) Dairy products – Eat low-fat dairy products to lose belly fat. Eating three dairy products a day, please note the low-fat. The study from the University of Tennessee of  a six-month dairy meal plan showed that eating  low-fat dairy products a dairy products  promotes the burning of abdominal fat.

7) Walking – If you walk for 20 minutes before a meal, the body will unknowingly consume a large portion of calories taken during the meal.

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