Stop Weight Gain Forever

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Loose up to 7-10 lb this month

You are clued up on nutrition and aren’t a complete stranger to the gym, so why do you still gain a few extra pounds with each passing year? With just a few simple changes, you could stop your waistline expanding for good.

weight gain

weight gain

What did you have for breakfast? If you held firm at the thought of a bacon butty and a cup of tea, and settled for granola and fruit juice, you could be in for a shock. While this saintly-sounding combo gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals, it won’t actually keep you feeling full for every long. In fact, according to a new approach to healthy eating, it could be one of the reason why, despite your efforts, you gain rather than lose weight each year.
‘The concept of healthy eating has become increasingly muddled. When you make choices solely on the nutritional content of foods, it’s easy to end up slowly but surely gaining weight.

The rules are surprisingly simple. The first and most important is to always eat protein and complex carbohydrates together, never separately. Eating carbs on their own means they are broken down very rapidly into glucose that can’t be absorbed immediately is swept away by insulin (and stored eventually as fat), so you get a short-term boost in energy with the rise in blood sugar, and then you start to feel tired annd hungry as it rapidly falls. Add slowly-digested protein to that meal and the glucose is drip-fed into your bloodstream, slowly the whole process down. That’s why a seemingly sinful bacon sarnie will keep you fuller for longer than saintly granola and juice. In the same way, you can balance your lunch by adding tuna to your salad or beans to your jacket spud.

The only other rules to remember are to eat three meals and two snacks a day, and always eat beakfast within an hour of waking up, to keep your energy level constant. Combine your food groups and eat every two to three hours-it really couldn’t be easier.

This is not a quick-fix diet but it will get you results for life. The week-long plan overleaf and the simple food rules, right, will show you how to incorporate the principles of hassle-free, healthy eating into your day. As a bonus, as your body adjusts to this way of eating, expect to drop up to
7-10 lb in the first month. Time to kiss goodbye to dieting and start enjoying food again – no will power required.

3 Healthy Eating Mistakes

healthy diet

healthy diet


Eating one food group at a time, at best two-think pasta and tomato sauce for lunch or toast for breakfast-will leave you tired and hungry. Add some protein and fat to keep energy dips at bay: put cheese on that pasta, spread peanut butter on the toast, and you won’t end up reaching for the biscuit tin an hour later.


A repeated cycle of dieting is one of the primary reason we are fitting fatter. Cutting back rapidly on calories makes your body think it’s experiencing famine, so it slows down your metabolic rate. When you return to eating normally, your body stores away any additional calories in readiness for the next ‘famine’. With every diet it becomes harder to lose weight. So it’s vital you don’t cut calories way below your body’s normal temperature.


That packet of dried apricots on your desk isn’t the healthy mid-morning snack you think. Dried fruit is a simple carb and does the same thing to your blood sugar as cake, leaving you ravenous again really quickly. Combine protein and carbs by spreading hummus on two oatcakes and it will keep you going until lunch.

The New Food Rules

  • Drink tea and coffee with food (never in place of it) as caffeine raises blood sugar levels. Green, white and herbal teas contain less caffeine, so drink freely.
  • Eat green veg rather than starches with your evening meal. You’re likely to be less active then, so you won’t need quick-release energy, but rather the slower-release energy you’ll get from these complex carbs. It will help curb any late-night munchies, too.
  •  Treat juice as a carbohydrate. So have a glass of fresh fruit with your yogurt or eggs at breakfast.
  • Avoid sugary foods. Sugar is the simplest of simple carbs and id turned into glucose very easily, giving you an immediate energy spike that will leave you hungry again soon after. If you get a strong sweet craving., allow yourself a few squares of 80% cocoa dark chocolate
  • Don’t eat fruit at the need of your meal. It can promote the fermentation of food in your stomach which can leave you bloated.

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