Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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The skin is made up of elastic and non-elastic fibres. When stretching beyond the normal limits occurs, as in pregnancy, the non-elastic fibres tend to break, causing stretch marks. At first these marks may occur as streaks. After birth they take on a kind of purple or brown shade and finally end up as whitish streaks. Excessive water retention (which does not occur as a result of drinking excess water), or weight gain can also cause stretch marks.

These marks may appear on the stomach, breasts, bottom and thighs.

To an extent the marks may be controlled by regulating weight to avoid overstretching of the skin but the stretching on the tummy cannot be avoided as it is the result of an expanding uterus. Besides, hormonal changes that encourage water retention may cause an increase in fluid retention on your bottom and thighs, causing stretch marks to appear, even in an aware, weight-regulated woman.

The reason why stretch marks are worse in some women, is simply because he elasticity of the skin varies from person to person. Women with fewer stretch marks have more elastic fibres in the skin. There is no way in which the skin’s elasticity can be increased to reduce stretch marks.

Many women believe that oiling the skin helps, especially with Vitamin E oil. There is no evidence to support this theory. However, there is no harm in a gentle massage of the stretched abdomen. It is very relaxing. Moreover if you are lucky, you may find that the marks do not appear at all.

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