Struggle With Bad Habits In children

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Most moms are trying hard to eradicate bad habits of their children, and each of them has a secret arsenal to combat them.

I still very young babies – 3 years – like bad habits such as sucking fingers, pieces of clothing or corner cushions, rocking from side to side, picking your nose, etc., are intended to simply relax. Most likely they are due to anxiety and fear for your internal fumes.

Often the child’s bad habits, which is the cause of internal stress, can occur especially before going to sleep. Make sure your child falls asleep, there is a ritual in his sleep what do you think it is a bad habit. Probably so he tries to calm himself and relax.

The next option – watching. Make sure what specific situations during the day manifest his bad habits. The child is sad or bored, he’s just nervous for some reason, or he to himself, and such mechanically tries to restore his mental equilibrium?

Psychologists can be reduced to a consensus – no need to focus on their child’s bad habit, by its prohibition. You just need to gently shift the child to something else: to engage him in some interesting work together, to invite him to play, just to pet him. Make your family bedtime ritual, in which your baby will be some time in the spotlight: a game of some kind of a quiet game, read him a book.

The cases, when the basis of bad habits in children is mother’s affection deficit and attention. There are more strange and bad habits – when a child makes himself sick. Here are some examples of habits accompanied by pain syndrome: when the child starts biting and biting his nails, the inside of the cheeks, lips, twirl and pull out the hair on your head or in any other way to hurt yourself. Such manifestations are more severe manifestation of neurosis and are typical of closed and shy, insecure children.

These children are experiencing particularly acute own inadequacies and adults unconsciously attempt to “punish” themselves. Most appropriate rule of conduct for parents – not to criticize, not to curse, and not to punish these children. Otherwise, the actions you will only increase the already existing neurosis of the child.

If a child does something wrong that just calmly explain to him why it is wrong. “I think you did it unintentionally. You sure everything will be like next time “- this is an excellent example of the normal reaction on your part. These kids need to feel supported and to hear the praise of his address – it only depends on you, go to the uncertainty in adulthood or not.

Another bad habit – this is so “terrible” child masturbation. Many parents fall into shock at seeing their dear child constantly touching himself in “those” places and over time, prefer this lesson many other things.

In fact, little makes it completely unconscious way. And explore your own sexual organs touch for them as well as naturally as other parts of the body – the nose, ears, feet … Older children may begin to touch¬†themselves¬†for sexual organs, just because it interests them and cause pleasant sensations.

The main task of the parents is – don’t favor children conditions for self-abuse: Do not allow your child to lie in bed for long periods without sleep, to see to it that the clothes were comfortable and did not irritate the skin every day to wash away the child (of course without fanaticism!) To ensure that he does not have any irritation in the genital area and no itching.

Checked: if the child is properly fed and a lot of moves, leading a healthy lifestyle, the risk of interest in masturbation to a minimum. Should therefore be encouraged his hobby and passion, make a note in the boy some sports section, and a girl – to dance.

But if you suddenly get rid of bad habits does not work, and despite the best efforts of parents of children persist in bad habits for a long time or even worse – are beginning to make progress, then you need professional advice child psychologist and a neurologist.

Once again, we recall that the foundation of all bad habits of the child – are different kinds of psychological problems. But the friendly and warm atmosphere in the home, parental attention, support and love can work wonders! Make your child’s self-confident and really happy!

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