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The fight for a slim figure always starts the same way: you exclude from your diet the most “dangerous” for waist products. And sugar is always among the first “victims”.

But soon you realize that life without sugar unsweetened. One lacks the willpower to stay on the diet of all time – and only then to come off in full. Others secretly seize the bitterness of diet ice cream or candy. And still others are wise: they buy sweeteners … and I can not say that the wise men lose weight faster than others. But, anyway, non-sugar perhaps the most grievous sacrifice our lives. Because (consciously or unconsciously), we are always looking for an excuse for his “lust”.

Political question

Until the twentieth century the notion of “losing weight forever girl” did not exist in fashion were the “natural” shape. Ladies regaled cakes and do not worry about their calorie content. The history of “curse” began with the sugar of black PR. During the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, Americans have stopped the supply of sugar from the island of Liberty. And very soon the country was growing “sweet rebellion.”

To avoid it, the U.S. government has distributed information about the hazards of sugar and the risk of obesity. Later, it was indeed shown that excessive consumption of carbohydrates for health would be unprofitable. Dietitians established that women can drink 50 grams of sugar per day, men – 10 grams more. It’s all sugar, including those contained in sauces, fruit, bread, etc. It is difficult not to exceed the limit! But if the top, then you face a minimum of tooth decay and extra pounds, and even diabetes.

However, glucose is necessary for metabolism. “Without the energy of carbohydrates the body can not function properly. But the problem is not simple carbohydrates that are high in calories (1 gram of carbohydrate provides the same calories as 1g protein), and that, besides calories, the body is nothing of value is not supplied.

Modern man consumes a lot of food products containing simple sugars: sweets (pastries) and simple sugars (added to tea, coffee, etc.). The sugar in the body turns into glucose, from which comes with excessive fat is synthesized and deposited in fat cells. “Maxim “all necessary measure” is not new. And no one save us from overeating. When you unfold a chocolate bar, you believe that it would be “just one piece.” And throwing away the wrapper, you know: the measure is very difficult to observe. We must find an alternative!

Accidental discovery sweetener was born only in 1879: chemist Constantin Falberg quite accidentally discovered saccharin. Not washing your hands after the experiment, the scientist took the sandwich and suddenly discovered that it was – sweet. Thus began the history of synthetic sugar.

Change has come!

Sweet and 0 calories – a dream? No, sugar! There are more than a dozen. They are natural (derived from fruit and vegetables) and the synthetic. The first group consists of fructose, sorbitol, xylitol, stevia. The caloric content of sugar they are about equal. The second – saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame, sukrazit. They 0 calories, they maintain healthy teeth, but … cause increased appetite! The scheme is simple: the body receives a signal “sweet” – and he is preparing for the digestion and distribution of carbohydrates. But carbohydrates are not available. And he’s waiting for … And for the next 24 hours, any carbohydrate food – even her appearance or odor! – Makes you hunger attack.

In addition, synthetic substitutes are addictive. And according to some, may even be fraught with cardiovascular disease and cancer. And even if you do not use substitutes, this does not mean that in your diet they are not: the packaging does not indicate that the product contains artificial sugar. But it can be determined by examining the label (replacements are covered under the symbol “E” 95 *). Most often, these additives are used in juices, ketchup, candy, etc.

But what if the sugar calories, and substitutes – harmful? How to lose extra pounds? Which of the two evils to choose?


Honey and fruit sweets were best friends until the IV. BC It was then, during the campaign of Alexander of Macedon to India, and was open to the world sugar. Available also to everyone he was only in the XVIII century: the German chemist Andreas Marggraf discovered a way to get out of beets (previously known only cane sugar). Before Marggraf made ​​a discovery, sugar prices were too high and could buy it only very wealthy people.

All that hard

“+Up to 60% of the energy enters the body with carbohydrates: glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch, – says Tatiana Pilate. – It is better to feed themselves in complex carbohydrates – vegetables, fruits, grain breads, cereals and pasta made of durum wheat. ” They can keep longer feeling of satiety and provide vitamins, micro-nutrients and fiber cleaning. If hard to give up sweets, at least replace sugar (sucrose) to fructose: fructose 2 times sweeter, and it is hoped that his tea you’ll pour it in half.

Some still naively believe that brown sugar healthier white. Do not flatter yourself! The caloric content, they are roughly equal (+ / – 10 kcal). Of course, in the raw sugar is still more nutrients. But it can be preserved and undesirable impurities. And it often counterfeited. Read the label: sometimes the white sugar for color added molasses molasses or dye. In general, if you can not give up sweets, then in principle it is very important from a sugar you will get better. Although, if we choose is formulated as a “beauty and sweet,” not so hard to train yourself to drink unsweetened tea, and do not have more than one candy a day.


If, after reading this article, you decided to give up sugar substitutes, you will have to carefully examine the labels on all products. Substitutes are usually hidden behind the numbers with index E:

  • E 420 – sorbitol
  • E 950 – acesulfame
  • E 951 – Aspartame
  • E 952 – cyclamate
  • E 953 – isomalt
  • E 954 – saccharin
  • E 957 – thaumatin
  • E 958 – glycyrrhizin
  • E 959 – neogesperidin (tsitroza)
  • E 965 – Malta
  • E 967 – xylitol

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