Are You Obsessed With Your Little One’s Scores?

Apr 19, 2017 No Comments by

If your child’s performance at their Online Elementary School gives you sleepless nights or nightmares, you are not alone. Take our quiz and find out where you stand. EXAMS! Yes! I just said the E- word. Does it raise your blood pressure instantly? Or are you a cool mom who doesn’t believe in ranking? Whichever […]

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6 Newborn Myths

Apr 18, 2017 No Comments by

Much of yesterday’s baby wisdom has been proven to be outdated today. Some are even harmful. Get the scoop on which old-school parenting facts don’t hold true anymore. The arrival of your newborn ushers in celebration and a lot of best wishes from friends, family members and well-wishers. Along with all of this comes a […]

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Most Important First Three Years Of Your Baby

Mar 29, 2017 No Comments by

Your baby won’t remember much, if anything, about the first three years of life, but according to researchers, have a huge impact on the quality of your child’s life – in some ways more than any of the others that follow. I read a great article on teaching babies how to roll over. Read this- […]

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Bad Habbits Remedies for Children

Feb 05, 2012 No Comments

You’ve just showered your children

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Struggle With Bad Habits In children

Jan 19, 2012 No Comments

Most moms are trying hard to eradicate bad

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10 Unusual Cases Of Child Birth

Jan 12, 2012 No Comments

Child birth is always captivating but these ten cases are particularly amazing, and sometimes bizarre and paranormal! While some of them can be explained away with science, the rest will have your scratching your head for days.

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Practical Tips For Bathing Your Newborn

Dec 16, 2011 No Comments

When bathing your baby? Bathing the baby and gives parents the pleasure, provided it is properly organized. Try to carry out this procedure every day, around the same time. It is not necessary to bathe a hungry child, but after dinner should not do it. Ideally, if the swimming will take place at night, then […]

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Folic Acid Influences The Development Of A Child’s Speech

Dec 08, 2011 No Comments

Pregnant women not taking supplements with folic acid in the initial terms, risk negatively affect a child’s ability to speak, the latest survey of experts from Columbia University.

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Nuts And Oily Fish Protect The Child From Allergies?

Nov 15, 2011 No Comments

Nuts are more likely to become food allergens for children, but it turns out, if you regularly use them during pregnancy, it is thus possible to prevent the development of food allergy in the baby.

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What To Feed A Child In School?

Sep 22, 2011 No Comments

At first, we list the foods should not be given to snack at school:∙ finished tea, poured into a plastic bottle of soda or sugar water;∙ chocolate bars such as “Mars” and “Snickers”;∙ any sausage;∙ chips and crackers;∙ mayonnaise and ketchup;∙ rolls stuffed with muffins and long-term storage;∙ fast food of any kind.

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