Shocking Photos Of Baby Yoga

Apr 04, 2012 No Comments by

Lena Fokina, 51, spins, swings and somersaults kids as young as two weeks old — often by a single limb.Her frightening “baby dynamics” sessions last up to five minutes, leaving many screaming in tears and one vomiting.The Russian, a trained PE teacher, showed off the bizarre method to improve muscular development at a seminar for […]

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Photos Of Sleeping Babies

Apr 02, 2012 No Comments by

These pictures were taken by Dan Gueller of Philadelphia, who is specifically waiting for the moment when the children are asleep.Two-week baby after four hours of feeding and courtship fall asleep in any position. This is when Dan, a newborn photographer, begins the shooting. He speaks of his models: “Newborn babies are very cute, and […]

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Look Fabulous In Pics

Feb 22, 2012 4 Comments by

With digital camera and Facebook here to stay, it’s important to know how to find your best angles when the cameras flash

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13 Most Amazing Pics Of Indian Soldiers Practice Ahead Of Republic Day

Jan 19, 2012 No Comments

India’s Republic Day is a national holiday

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8 Sizzling Pregnancy Clicks

Jan 17, 2012 No Comments

Pregnancy is a wonderful and challenging

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Wikipedia Best Pictures Of The Year (25 Pics)

Nov 21, 2011 No Comments

We all know what wikipedia is, so here I got some best images from wikipedia which were carefully selected during long voting process. Finally lucky people became the winners of the photo contest. Take a look at these cool & interesting pictures.

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Clicked Right Time

Nov 01, 2011 No Comments

A new compilation of photos taken at just the right moment.

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Photo-Manipulation Without Photoshop

Oct 14, 2011 No Comments

Jan von Holleben is a German photographer. He was born in 1977. He lives and works in London. The main theme of his photographs is children. If you’re looking for a great family photographer, check out this list of San Diego Family Photographers. Photographer Jan Von Hollebean demonstrates an unusual work, a highlight of his […]

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30 Best Bodyart : The Way To Express Yourself

Sep 20, 2011 No Comments

Warriors’ paints before the hunt or battle, colorful images applied on the body before the rites – this all we call the body art. As for many centuries, bodyart is a manifestation of human feelings and emotions and it remains relevant today.

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25 Extreme Rooftop Photography

Sep 19, 2011 No Comments

There is a small collection of fearless people who take their lives into their own hands when they go to the edge of very high buildings and structures and have photographs snapped of them. There is no net between them and the ground, and hopefully no wind either. 1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. […]

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