Terms And Abbreviations

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The following terms and abbreviations may appear on your maternity record.

AFP  : Alpha-fetoprotein.

BP  : Blood Pressure.

Cephalic  : Fetal head is nearest the cervix.

Cx  : Cervix.

EDD  : Estimated date of delivery.

FHH  : Fetal heart heard.

FMF  : Fetal movement felt.

Height Fundus  : The distance from the pelvis to the top of the uterus is know as the fetus.

LMP  : Last menstrual period. This is the date of the first day of your last period before pregnancy.

NAD  : No abnormality detected.

Oedema  : Swelling of hands and feet because of fluid retention.

Relation of PP to Brim  : The position of the fetus’s presenting part (PP), that is the part ready to be born first, in relation to the brim of the pelvis.

Transverse  : Transverse lie. The fetus is lying across the uterus.

Urine Alb Sugar  : Indicates the results of urine tests for protein and sugar.

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