Testing For The Irregular Period’s

Nov 22, 2010 2 Comments by

So your cycle don’t exactly run on schedule? That’ll make scheduling your testing date a lot trickier. After all, how can you test on the day that your period’s expected it you’re never sure when that day will come?

Your best testing strategy it your periods are irregular is to wait the number of days equal to the longest cycle you’ve had in the last six months – and then test. If the result is negative and you still haven’t gotten your period, repeat the test after a week ( or after a few days if you just can’t wait).

Are You Pregnant?

2 Responses to “Testing For The Irregular Period’s”

  1. Nikita says:

    hii.. i had unprotected sex with my boy friend. i dun have much knowledge about the exact symptoms of being pregnant. i tested using a strip and it showed that i m not pregnant but i am nt feeling well. it seems that i m pregnant cos my nipples size has changed and i feel like sleepy for the whole day. i cant consult any doc so i realy need to knw whether i m really pregnt or nt?
    i also had an i-pill 2 weeks before and i am undergoing my periods again from the last 3 days. is this the positive sign that i m not pregnant or it is implantation bleeding?
    i already had my periods at the starting of this month… please help me to know am i pregnant or not?????

  2. Nandita Das says:

    hi,i have missed periods for 5days,i have no problem except some fatigues and a vaginal discharge.sometimes the discharge is white and sometimes its water like.am i pregnant?

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