The Most Dangerous Hiking Trail In The World

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The trail, also known as the King’s Pathway, was originally built in 1905 for workers to travel between two hydroelectric power plants but was closed-off in 2000 after two walkers fell to their deaths.It snakes its way along cliff edges high up in El Chorro Gorge, thirty miles from Malaga.Much of the one-metre-wide walkway is crumbing away with rusting supports, gaping holes, no handrails and sections that have completely fallen down.

A makeshift wire has now been attached to the rock face which walkers and climbers can clip themselves on to in order to have some degree of security – but many still prefer not to use any safety equipment at all.Work is now due to start on an 8.3 million project to make the pathway safe again and attract more tourists to the area.







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