Most Expensive And Ordinary Things

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Selection of the most expensive “everyday” items…..

1. The most expensive house for your dog can be purchased at a department store in Tokyo, 32 000 USD Lodge is decorated with 7600 Swarovski crystal beads

2. Diamond toilet for $ 5,000,000, was created to 100letiyu invention of this product,

3. The most expensive beach towels on the brand Hermes. Size of design towels – see 91h152 It is made ​​from 100% cotton and contains no artificial materials. The cost of such luxury towels – $ 530.

4. The most expensive and sensational in the world of the purse “1001 Nights Diamond Purse» $ 3.8 million from Dubai

5. The most expensive condoms from Louis Vuitton for $ 68.

6. The most expensive mouse pad for $ 490 from the online store of Formula 1. Developed using proprietary technology “race” the three-dimensional modeling of Formula 1, second, hand-made in the UK and, thirdly, of the real “formula” of materials. Surface Mouse mat – a layer of carbon fiber thickness of 3 mm, the same carbon, of which make fireballs monocoque Formula 1 (its logo, of course, is present on the product). The second material is expensive – Italian black suede. But the trouble – Mouse mat is not compatible with optical mice, only with the “ball”

7. Samye expensive refrigerators from the American company Northland (12,000 cu.) The main advantage of the most expensive refrigerators in the world – energy Module Power Module, which is a single unit in which the system has an automatic defrost, cooling and air circulation. This allows us to give up some of the elements present in the refrigerators of other vendors, such as a pipe for water drainage. This innovation protects the products from heating during defrost, which is due to the presence in the upper part of the traditional refrigerator condenser, compressor, dryer and a heat exchanger.

8. A roll of toilet paper from Renova for $ 3.5. The choice is represented by six stylish colors: green, orange, black, red, blue and pink.

9. The most expensive umbrella of excellent waterproof leather crocodile for $ 50 from a relatively young fashion brand Billionaire Couture, founded by Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso.

10. Bed for $ 6.3 million from the Stuart Hughes. Bed frame is made ​​from the best varieties of ash, chestnut and cherry trees. All this splendor encrusted with 107 kilograms of 24-karat gold, which twist around bends gossamer thin beds of intricate patterns. Also, the designer did not forget to decorate your child, and hundreds of different precious stones, including diamonds, sapphires and diamonds.

11. The most expensive dumplings in the world can be enjoyed at the restaurant for the Russian emigres “Golden Gates”, which in the Bronx. The uniqueness of the fact that in their composition, in addition to beef, elk and pork is deep-sea fish-iron torch (Curtius Flame Fish), resulting in even moderate light dumplings emit blue-green light and it is absolutely edible and wonderfully tasty. Portion of 8 dumplings devastate the purse on 2400 dollars, and from 16 to 4400 dollars

12. 3730 (!) Swarovski crystals were used to decorate this cleaner production Electrolux, with the result that its value had risen to 20 thousand dollars and he got into the Guinness World Records as the most expensive in the world.

13. Cheese made ​​from yak milk cost at auction in 6,400 euros per pound

14. The most expensive cigarettes in the world. Mark Treasurer. One pack costs about 24 euros. Sold only in specialty stores.

15. The most expensive potato in the world. Grade La Bonnotte from France. Sells for about 500 euros per kilogram

16. These goldfish living on the island Cheyyu in South Korea, may be worth more than $ 1,500 apiece. Commercial success of the silent pets depends on the color scale.

17. Dessert, ice cream Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, which is served in a restaurant in Manhattan will cost $ 25,000 to the sweet tooth. Specially made ​​for cold masterpiece vase, decorated with gold at its base – a bracelet made ​​of 18-karat gold with white diamonds total weight of 1 carat. On top is decorated with dainty five grams of edible 23-karat gold.

18. Mask of dvadtsatichetyrehkaratnogo gold, which you propose to do in Japan is 30, 000 Ian, that is $ 250.

19. Professional luxury comb HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush by Viatek costs just $ 499.99. comb is made ​​with the latest technology. After turning HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush emits six special red laser beams, which act on the hair follicle, thereby restoring the damaged hair and stimulate new growth. Roscheska has 26 teeth moving and built-in rechargeable battery.

20. Designer Ken Courtney has created five pairs of sneakers Nike Dunks, coated with gold cost in 4053 dollars.

21. The most expensive omelet in the world with a lobster can be enjoyed in a New York restaurant, Norma for just $ 1000.

22. 10,000 cu for the ladies’ comfort …. LELO Inez Gold elegant and luxurious pleasure object, made ​​of stainless steel with gold. Metal appealing and attractive to the naked body, stimulates the user to their sensory perception of heat and cold. 5 levels of stimulation to help you achieve maximum pleasure. The elegant shape of INEZ, making it a reliable companion for the daily joys of love. INEZ and if you want to reload, and a two-hour four-hour charge will provide you with bliss. Located in an elegant gift box with guidance for use, as well as provide satin pouch for storage and one-year warranty LELO. Size: 174 x 35 x 29 mm.

23. The most expensive Barbie doll was sold by auction for 308 000 USD On the Barbie necklaces adorned with pink diamonds.

24. Water “10 Thousand BC» comes from the Canadian Glacier, which is located 200 miles north of Vancouver. This is one of the cleanest waters in the world. It is the same – the most expensive – $ 46 per 750 ml bottle.

25. The most expensive bag in the world – Henk. 20 000 $. But the suitcase is worth the money: it consists of 500 parts, full of all sorts of exotic materials – horsehair, ebony, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, canvas and different types of leather, a special set of internal mechanisms and sophisticated design, completely silent wheels with shock absorbers installed in such a way that prepared for the carriage of a suitcase handle are not provided on the palm pressure greater than 25 grams. The main advantage of the suitcase – the built-in wheel electric motors. For inclusion rather tilted trunk and pull the handle. Tilt sensors are triggered and pressure, and luggage goes where grip tilted. In Henk suitcase can be effortlessly moved up to 36 kg of cargo at speeds of up to 5 miles per hour, and the batteries charged from an ordinary suitcase outlet (2.5 hours) through the charger, like a cell phone.

26. The most expensive in the world of the nipple is made ​​of silicone, a pen made ​​of white gold and encrusted with 280 diamonds. It costs 17,000 dollars

27. The most expensive brandy in the world (2.000 000 $), named “King Henry the fourth” Henri IV Dudognon famous not only because that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive drink in the world. It has 100 years exposure, 41% alcohol. bottle of 24 karat gold jewelry with diamonds 6,500 was sold in Dubai.

28. Diva Premium Vodka today announced the most expensive in the world. This vodka is produced in Scotland by Blackwood Distillers. A distinctive feature of this vodka is that it is filtered through crushed precious stones, including diamonds. In addition, inside each bottle are also gems. It is in the ground and affect the cost of the bottle price ranges from $ 5 000 to $ 1,000,000 depending on the set of stones.

29. The most expensive English bread Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread. preparation of bread, and gourmet snobs need the best grades of flour grade “A” and only from grain grown in Wiltshire – the county in the south of England, not incorporating flavors, emulsifiers or other non-typical meal additives. Dough for Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread leavens only with the famous and less expensive French cheese “Roquefort” (Roquefort), with the addition of almonds and a number of other elements that are kept in strictest confidence the manufacturers of the expensive meat snacks, headed by its founder Paul Hollywood, calling his bread “Rolls Royce of bread.” But what makes this bread the most expensive in the world? Of course the price – 24.5 U.S. dollars, or about 18 euros.

30. Funeral services Xiao En Centre in Kuala Lumpur, put up for sale world’s most expensive coffin. Those who want to go to another world in a magnificent sarcophagus, made ​​of solid mahogany and upholstered in velvet, will have to pay 36 400 dollars



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