The New Moves For A Brighter You

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Kiss those wellbeing glitches goodbye with ur simple detox plan plus ultra-easy diet and supplement tweaks…

Still remembering detox as a kind of hair shirt-style diet of the 90s? Forget all that-this we’re not talking weight loss, but a great kick-start to a brighter, healthier you. We’re using our strict but delicious plan to prep your system for some really effective wellbeing changes – with best advice from the experts on the following pages.

Your Body-Boost Plan

If you have digestive, skin, joint or mood nniggles, then detox is a great first move… with our experts’ food and supplement idea the next.

Rick Hay’s Hardcore 3-Day Detox!

This is a bit of a hard-line plan created for us by Australian nutritionalist Rick hay, but it will spring-clean your whole system. “When your digestive system is under-functioning, the walls if the intestines can be ccoated with waste, reducing the absorption of nutritents,” says Rick. “Mild cases can lead to fatigue, bloating, constipation – even IBs. If left untreated, it can lead to headache, mood swings, skin conditions – even ulcers.” The rules? So few: eat, drink and take only what it says and add three to four glasses of filtered water through the day to help flush toxins and keep you hydrated.

  • Breakfast
  1. Eat Berries and sugar-free yogurt with cinnamon on top, plus a sprinkle of almonds. Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar level and has a calming effect on the digestive tract. Phytonutrients in berries improve the immune system and their fibre helps with digestion.
  2. Add A few prunes or a glass of prune juice if you’re constipated, you can’t detox!
  3. Drink A cup of unsweetened dandelion tea. Or your herbal tea of choice, such as fennel, fenugreek or liquorice. Dandelion’s bitter qualities aid liver function – good for fluid retention, bloating and inflamed skin conditions.
  • Mid Morning
  1. Eat A bowl of green leaves dressed with olive oil plus almond slivers or pine nuts, oilves and some citrus fruit if desired, such as orange or grapefruit. Greens help cleanse the colon, olive oil provides good omega fatty acids and nuts help cleanse the intestine.
  2. Take Aloe Vera juice – to help cleanse and to soothe the hut and a great way to combat bloating and flatulence. Always take as directed.
  • Lunch
  1. Eat Lentils and vegetable soup. To make: Add a cup of lentils, plus 2 cups of spring greens to 300-400ml (1/2pt-14fl oz) water. Slimmer slowly and add turmeric, chilli and ginger. Easy to digest, the the thermogenic herbs help speed up the cleanse, which means less work for the digestive system.
  2. Drink A cup of dandelion orr herbal tea of choice.
  • Mid-Afternoon
  1.  Eat Fruit salad with a handful of almonds and a dollop of sugar free yogurt to flush toxins and aid regularly.
  2. Drink A cup of warm water and the juice of half a lemon with honey to cleanse and aid digesion.
  • Dinner
  1. Eat Soup to start – as per lunch, but add half a cup of brown rice. This helps regulate blood sugar levels to keep hunger at bay. Then, a small to medium portion of steamed fish of your choice, with a selection of steamed seasonal veg. The protein supports the body’s system andd vegetables help to cleanse.
  2. Drink A glass of fresh juice – preferably a fruit and vegetable combo. This helps with fatigue and mental acuity during any restrictive diet.
  3. Eat Stewed apples and prunes for regularity and colon cleanse. The pectin in the apples soothes the gut and may help reduce digestive discomfort.
  4. Drink A cup of dandelion or herbal tea – keep fluids up to flush out toxins.

Before Bed

  • Drink A glass of water with one teaspoon of psyllium husk or take psyllium husk capsulees. Known as the “intestional broom,” it’s good for cleansing and regularity.

Lower blood pressure

“Raised blood pressure can be a wake-up call to make important diet and lifestyle changes,” says naturopath and medical herbalist Sarah Bowles-Flannery. “Regular exercise, relaxation and plenty of sleep are vital. Hydration is really important-it’s not just about drinking lots of water.”

  • Avoid “Salt!” says Sarah. “Excess sodium can lead to fluid build-up, which in turn contributes to raised blood pressure. And caffeine-as it raised heart rate and is a diuretic, which lead to dehydration.”
  • Enjoy Wholefoods, salads with a drizzled of olive oil, and fruit and veg. Bananas as their potassium helps balance excess sodium. Oats, which are calming, and garlic, which has a slightly blood thinning effect. Oily fish – also slightly blood thinning.
  • Take Garlic capsules, fish oils (1,000mg twice a day), vitamin D, best in a spray – recent research shows a deficiency can lead to blood vessel walls stiffening. Herbs are also fantastic, but seek the advice of a qualified medical herbalist.

Keep your digestion sweet

A turbulent tum and irritating bloating can be banished with some nifty diet changes.

  • Avoid White bread, cakes, biscuit, soft drinks and sweets. “These are calorie rich and nutrient poor, high in sugar that feeds bacteria, which encourages bloating, flatulence and pain. Fibre free, they clog the system andd create ideal conditions for canida,” says our detox creator Rick Hay.
  • Enjoy Berries, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, nuts – especially almonds, salmon or small fish and bitter greens such as chicory or rocket which all have liver cleansing properties. And plenty of stewed apples – they’re the perfect gut soother.
  • Take The psyllium husks and alloee vera as in the detox, then add an acidophilus and bifidus supplement to encourage good bacteria and help with bloating, gas and irritable bowel.

Get a handle on moods

Whether iit’s stress or the menopause that’s creating your jangling emotions, try some calming tweaks to your everyday eating. Sugar is the big bad mood culprit. “And that’s not just the regular kind. Sugar in refined carbohydrates make blood sugar go up quickly, resulting in mood peaks and throughs,” says homeopath Margo Marrone.

  • Avoid Sugar, white pasta, white bread, cakes and alcohol. “Giving up these will help your waistline and your moods,” says Margo.
  • Enjoy “A little low-fat protein in each meal – eggs, chicken, oily fish (the omega in oily fish also helps brain function), beans, lentils milk, and cheese. Plus plenty of vegetables. Surprisingly, raw, unprocessed chocolate is one of the richest sources of serotonin – the happy molecule. Just don’t have it with sugar – look for one with agave nectar – it makes a brilliant snack!”
  • Take A supplement to keep a lid on moodiness. “Magnesium is key to mood function so I always recommend a magnesium and calcium complex, plus essential fatty acids and B vitamins are fundamental to maintain a healthy nervous system.”

Calm problem skin

The biggest cause of angry, irritable skin is created within.
“Inflammation not only use causes skin irritation, but it also a major contributor to the ageing process,” says wellbeing expert Amanda Hamilton. “Cutting out foods that increase inflammation will benefit your skin now and in future.”

  • Avoid Trans-fats found in deep-fried foods, processed cakes, biscuit and processed meats. Too much sugar is as ageing for skin as too much sun – because sugar links with collagen and elastin in the skin, reducing its elasticity.
  • Enjoy Oily fish, walnuts and flax seeds; their omega-3 fats help to reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin. Limit the damage caused to skin by free radicals by eating more antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables. The jury is out, but there is some evidence the dark chocolate may help reduce inflammationn too!
  • Take Omega-3, if you don’t eat a lot of oily fish. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Don’t wash to take fish oil? Then try a flax-seed supplement instead. Try Linseed Oil 1000, Patrick Holford Essential Omegas.

Soothe aching joints

Aches and pains in your joint are other problems created by inflammation, but there iss lots you can do to help ease them. “The aim is to control that inflammation by reducing or eeliminating those foods or drinks that are going to worsen pain,” says Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of the Natural Health Bible For Women.

  • Limit “Dairy and red meat-their saturated fats can cause your body to produce more inflammation,” says Marilyn. “Alcohol – as it stops your body converting good fats into the anti-inflammatory lipids joints. Caffeine,which acts as a stimulant, causing the release of the stress hormone corttisol, and more inflammation over time.”
  • Enjoy More oily fish or take linseed oil if you are vegetarian as both of these are absolutely crucial for controlling inflammation.
  • Take Vitamin D, which controls inflammation. If you suffer from joint pains, get checked for a deficiency. Omega-3 – nowadays we’re not getting enough from our diet. Glucosamine, which forms an important part of connective tissue with joints, and MSM, which keeps them flexible. Try Life Extension Vitamin D3 1000 iu; Lifetime Advanced Joint Support Formula; NHP Omega 3 support.

In The Mood For Chocolate?

Go for the Glamour Food Bar by The Organic Pharmacy. The unprocessed cacao retains all its nutritent, and the antioxidant goji acai and bluebery plus agave nectar sweeten it – so on sugar highs and lows!

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