Time Saving Tips : How To Gain An Hour Everyday

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Not enough hours in the day? These eight time-savings tips could change your life….

  • 1. Restrict Your To-Do List

Limit your to-do list to five items only and write it at the end of the day.’This forces you to prioritise, demands action, and gives your subconscious six to nine hours to process your thoughts. Time saved: One hour.

  • 2. Say Yes

Don’t like saying no? Then don’t! If someone asks you to do something, agree wholeheartedly. Then swiftly follow up with: ‘And actually, I need help with something. Would you mind doing X?’ That way, everyone’s happy. Time saved: 30 mins (plus hours of bonus time! People who don’t like to give back will stop asking you to do things)

  • 3. Flip It

Can’t make a decision? Flip a coin. ‘Hundreds of thoughts go through your mind as it flies through the air, meaning you will know what you really want before you even look at the results.’ Time saved: Three to 15 mins (depending on the significance of the decision)

  • 4. Communicate Clearly

Cut out wasted time chasing people by taking a couple of extra moments to make sure everyone has all the details they need to complete a task correctly and on time. An ‘asap’ deadline could mean different things to different people, but ’10am Tuesday’ could not. Time saved: 30 mins

  • 5. Stop Procrastinating

Make the small things you do before starting your main task, a reward for completing part of the main task. A mountain of bills to tackle? Start immediately and work through them for half an hour, rewarding yourself with a tea break – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you complete it. Time saved: 30 mins (at least!)

  • 6. Pack Your Battles

‘Teach children to do chores (feeding pets, loading and unloading the dishwasher, making their beds) as early as possible. It will be worth the initial arguments and will save you untold time and bother in the future. Time saved: Five mins of nagging/doing it yourself for each task

  • 7. Freeze In Single Servings

The trick when batch cooking and freezing is to freeze in single or double servings pots. They provide more flexibility (take out as many as you need), are quicker to defrost, and hungry teenagers can heat up their own meals if you’re running late. Time saved: 25 mins

  • 8. Turn Off Emails

Reading and responding to emails as soon as they pop up on your screen is a huge distraction. ‘Limit yourself to checking emails a certain numbers of times a day and stick to it,’ she says. ‘Similarly, screen calls and encourage people to leave messages.’ Time saved: 30 mins



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    These tips will get you riding high in no time
    Reduce Your Trash To Almost Zero….

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