Time To Get Ready For : Make A Baby Month!

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Having a baby changes your life forever, but the rewards are unlike anything else…

Deciding to is start a family with your partner is something worth celebrating. If you’re trying to conceive, there’s lots you can do to boost your chances and give your baby the best possible start in life.

A well as being informative, Make A Baby Month! brings a bit of fun to what can sometimes be a stressful time for couples. And, while we don’t want to put you under any pressure (a real no-no when it comes to baby-making!)


  •  Boost folic acid includes a few of the following: beans or pulses; beef or yeast extract, dark green leafy veg, oranges or orange juice, granny bread or fortified breakfast cereal.
  • Cut back on booze Alcohol reduces fertility in men and women. Try to have no more than one or two small drinks in one day and make sure some days are alcohol free.
  •  Snack smart! Switch to healthier snacks such as fruit, dried fruit, nuts plain yogurt, rice or oatcakes, carrot sticks and hummus.
  • Be caffeine aware If consumed in excess, caffeine can affect fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage, so cou back on these or switch to decaf alternatives.
  • Quit smoking Ask your GP for advice on how to stop.


Taking a 400mcg folic acid supplement daily, for 12 weeks prior to conception and the first three months of pregnancy, will help protect your baby against neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.

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2 Responses to “Time To Get Ready For : Make A Baby Month!”

  1. Vilma says:

    I so toltaly relate to this post. I will be 40 weeks on 8-10-10 with my eighth baby and I am right where you are regarding intervention in my birth. My plan is to labor at home until it’s basically too late to get to the hospital and then oops had the baby at home. I am so unwilling to be poked, prodded, pressured, shamed, scolded for my choices and the refusals of EVERYTHING they basically want to do if given the chance. This time around, I’ve managed to skip all pelvics and the group B strep test. (Would you share your garlic and tea tree tea? [[[Carol’s note: It’s not a tea, but rather a vaginal treatment.]]] I’d like to at least have that base covered in the next few days.) And, at least you get the same doc throughout. I have no idea who I will end up with. My doc just got back from maternity leave that she took in June and never bothered to tell me she was preggo when I started seeing her, (Sorry, I couldn’t tell she was pregnant. I thought she was just a large woman.) but, if I deliver on the weekend or any other inconveinent time, I don’t feel like I can depend on her to be around. And as far as discussing it with her? Please, she just had a baby ..I’ll make her cry. So, why should I bother even making an attempt discussing a birth plan when there’s no guarantee that I will get the one I discussed it with for delivery? I would have toltaly skipped all the prenatal stuff this time around, except I wanted an ultrasound. My 6th baby died from a congenital heart defect and my last baby had a sacrococcygeal teratoma. I wanted to know if there was anything we needed to know about ahead of time and this time around, all things do look good as far as all that is concerned. Anyway, I understand what your saying, and I toltaly commiserate. Good luck with your delivery and the subsequent weeks. I’m as anxious to see my baby as you are to see yours. Tracey

  2. reena says:

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