Tips And Tricks For ‘Wow’ Looks

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We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate makeup do’s and don’ts so you can achieve gorgeous looks without wasting money or harming your skin! Let’s take a look.

Make Up Tips to Look Good


Lips seem simple at first; just pick a lipstick that looks appealing. However, the task of wearing the lipstick is a lot more complicated. Here’s how to get it right :


  1. Experiment with colours : Even if you’ve become a pro at applying that nude or pink lipstick, you can make a statement with a bold plum or red as well. Surprise everyone with a fashion-forward look.
  2. Get the finish right : One of the hardest parts of finding a lipstick is deciding on a matte or shine finish. For a more stained look, apply lipstick, and then apply lip balm over to dull the effect. Reapply during the day for more shine.
  3. Coordinate your outfit : A bold lip colour is a big statement, so make sure it matches your outfit. A red lipstick distracts attention from the sparkly floral top you want to flaunt. If you’re wearing neutrals and want the focus to be on your smiling face, a dark plum lipstick works wonders.


  1. Overdo lip liner : Remember, your lip liner should be indistinguishable from your overall lip colour. Lip liner and lip stick should appear as one.
  2. Clash eyeshadow and lip colours : With a bold lip colour, everything else on the face – from blush to eye colours – needs to be toned down. Don’t make the mistake of pairing a vivid blue eyeshadow with a bold, red lipstick; you’ll end up looking bizarre!
  3. Skimp on concealer : If your lip liner or lipstick is slightly over your lip line, don’t try to wipe it off. Instead, use a concealer brush and concealer to cover up mistakes. Swiping concealer around your lip line also helps to accentuate the shape of your lips.

Eye Makeup

Do you find yourself unsure on if you’re applying eye makeup the right way? Here’s how to shape and accentuate your peepers like a pro.


  1. Sweep a pale pink or peach eyeshadow across your upper lids for a natural look.
  2. Use a shimmer pencil to highlight the inside or outside corners of eyes: This will make them larger and wide apart.
  3. Try a dramatic cylinder colour across the upper lids for a striking evening look.
  4. Apply a dab of white eyeliner to the inside corners of your upper lids to make them look larger.
  5. Apply your lightest shade first, followed by progressively darker colours as you move to the outside and crease of the eye; blend well with a brush.
  6. You can now work on your eyelashes. This is the time to add things like Lash Fills or any special finishing touches to your eyelashes to make them pop as much as you want them too.


  1. Choose a rick pink eyeshadow or liner. They can make your eyes look irritated.
  2. Apply a frosted or metallic eyeshadow across the entire lids; the shadow can settle into fine lines, and make you look older than you actually are
  3. Line the entire eyes (upper and lower lids) in a single colour. This will make your eyes appear smaller
  4. Apply white eyeliner (or any eyeliner) to the insides of your lower lids. Not only does it look unnatural, it can also cause infection.

Base Makeup

It is called ‘base’ because it is so basic! For a flawlessly-made-up look, start learning the ropes here.


  1. Always start with a freshly-washed and moisturized face
  2. Apply a primer first so concealer and foundation glide on smoothly instead of settling into lines and wrinkles
  3. Blend well. You don’t want to see where the colour begins or ends
  4. Use foundation on eyelids to help your eyeshadow go on smoothly and to cover redness, giving your entire face an even appearance
  5. Apply concealer before foundation and you won’t need as much foundation
  6. Dot concealer on the red areas round the nose to brighten your face instantly
  7. Check your makeup in a magnifying mirror for flaws such as streaks, cracks, etc.
  8. Finish with a light dusting of powder on areas where you normally get oily first


  1. Use a concealer that is too light or too dark. It will only draw more attention to those areas
  2. Apply makeup in dark or dimly-lit places. Have bright light in front of the mirror
  3. Slap foundation on your face like cream or lotion. If you are using a liquid foundation, dot over face and spread out evenly
  4. Use a sponge to apply; just blend. A sponge is meant to soak things up, not put them on
  5. Forget blusher. It will make you healthier.


Getting your blusher rights can be a daunting task. Before you sweep on that electric shade of hot pink, learn how to master a gorgeous flush.


  1. Choose Wisely : The wrong blush colour can make your complexion pasty. The right one instantly brightens skin. If you have fair, rosy skin, choose cool, blue-toned pinks. You can even get away with slightly-frosted pink blush. For olive skin with golden undertones, skip the cool pinks, which will look grey on your skin. Stick to warm honey or peach tones. For darker skin, choose richer, deeper wines and burgundies.
  2. Give It A Good Stroke : Use a brush that’s really soft, but not too big, or you could end up looking like a clown.


  1. Go Too Heavy : When it comes to a healthy glow, less is more. Start with a light dusting, or a tiny dab of cream blush. You can always blend more in for an intense look. You want your blush to look natural, not cakey.
  2. Apply Cream Blusher With Your Fingers : Not only do your fingers actually remove more blush than they put on, they also add oil and bacteria to the product, causing it to spoil faster. Use a fluffy foundation brush instead, and apply in circular motions to the apples of cheeks.
  3. Apply Blusher Under Cheekbones To Contour : Instead, sweep over the apples of your cheeks. To find your apples, smile widely; they’re the rounded part of your cheeks that lift when you smile. If you don’t have much in the cheekbone department, apply blush a bit higher, along the line of the cheekbone.


There’s something about sexy bedroom eyes. They’re like your favourite LBD, hot shoes and good lighting all rolled into one! To learn how to score flirt-worthy lashes, follow these easy steps and check if you need some more.


  1. Brush your real lashes first, before curling them. This helps volumise your lashes, both real and false, and make the whole lash application process easier
  2. Master the lash curler. The higher up you get your lashes, the longer they’re going to look. Clamp the curler right at the base of your lash line, and then squeeze gently. Done properly, it shouldn’t hurt at all. If it does, you’ve accidentally grabbed some skin. Do a squeeze test first
  3. Put false lashes as close to your real ones as possible. Those that creep up onto your lids are a no-no
  4. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes to create a sexy, doe-eyed look. If you’re worried about getting dark rings around your eyes, put tissue paper under the lashes before you start applying mascara. This way, you can coat each lash without getting smudges on your skin.


  1. Be hasty. The reward is well worth the effort if you take the time to apply lashes correctly
  2. Think bigger is always better. If your falsies are too long and thick, you risk heading into the ‘tarantula lash’ category
  3. Yank them off. Instead, use eye makeup remover, and gently separate falsies from the real.
  4. Wear dark eyeshadow. Lashes stand out more against bare lids, so if you want to put on a little eyeshadow, stick to soft, neutral shades to make sure your lashes pop. has a wide variety of great lash products.

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