Tips For A Bikini Body

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Half of us want to shed weight and want to look our best for the beach season.Up side is it doesn’t take much to shed unwanted weight if your basics are clear. I try in this blog to separate fat from fad which will ensure that you lighten and tighten in time for wearing your bikini.

1. Exercise

woman exercising pushup

woman exercising pushup

For a healthy bikini body, combine cardio training with some resistance training to get fast results. Most women don’t train hard enough or use enough hard resistance to get fast results. Some range of resistance exercises are star jumps, push ups, squats, sit ups and lunges with little or no rest in between. The bonus of resistance training is that your body continues to burn kilojoules even after workout is finished.

There are many reasons that hiring an online fitness consultant like Adam Kemp can be beneficial for you. Interval training is also a very effective fat burner. Instead of going for a 10 to 20 minute of mild jog, run as fast as you can, when you are out of breath walk for a while and then run again. Doing this regularly will increase your speed and stamina.

Stomach crunches are not the only secret to get the tight tum unless you invest 30 minutes a day in moderate cardio exercise.

2. Diet

Diet For slim waist

Diet For slim waist

To flatten your tummy try these tips:

  • Follow a diet program having more protein rich diet consulting a dietician.
  • Don’t eat too much salt as sodium causes you to retain more water weight.
  • Do drink peppermint tea. It contains menthols which reduce bloating.
  • Reduce hot spices to minimum or negligible as it can irritate your stomach.
  • Post meal walking is must as it helps to release air track in your stomach.
  • Don’t chew gum as you will swallow air which expands your belly.
  • Carbohydrates creates glycogen for energy reserves, but for every gram the body stores, it also stores 3 grams of water. So if you are eating high carbs foods such as white breads and white rice, cakes, biscuits and take aways then you are storing excess fluids.

3. Skin Tightening

skin tightening

skin tightening

Skin care products that can tighten skin non-surgically are the latest in cutting edge beauty research. These actually seem to work. Products that contain peptides, coenzymes Q10 and vitamin E help improve skin elasticity. It won’t happen overnight and changes may be minor but will definitely help in skin tightening.

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