Tips For Staying Properly Hydrated During Summer

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Do you think this is enough to get you through the scorching hot summers? Not really! Makeup is just for your face but the rising temperature requires you to be hydrated from the inside. Staying hydrated during summers is not just about drinking eight glasses of water daily but much more than that. Read on to know how you can keep yourself healthy and hydrated this summer. If you are still looking for accommodation, check out the many options from Kees OBX Rentals.

Summer Hydration Tips

Summer Hydration Tips

Chew the Water

Have fruits and vegetables that contain mineral salts, natural sugar and vitamins that hydrate your system effectively. Fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, peach, and raspberries are quite hydrating for your body. Watermelons contain Vitamin C, which is not only hydrating but also protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Most dieticians also favour celery, cucumber, carrot and bell peppers. Try and use these fruits and vegetables when preparing salads or pastas. These foods not only act as a complete meal but also keep the calories in check.

Substitute Drinks

Coconut water is one of the most refreshing drinks for summer because it contains less carbohydrate and sugar content. You can also brew decaffeinated iced teas and lemonades at home by adding refreshing natural ingredients such as mint leaves, strawberry, apple or cucumber. During summers, you can also go for buttermilk and fresh flavoured smoothies to change your diet routine sometimes.

Water Ways

Carry a bottle of water around wherever you go. Having a bottle by your side while travelling or at work reminds you to drink it without making an extra effort. Also, pledge to drink water when indoors, to keep your system nourished always. Steer away from alcohol and aerated drinks that strips your system of its water content. Rather substitute these frizzy drinks with sparkling water when out on formal dinners.

Easy Tips to Remember

  1. Hydrate yourself before exercising to maximise your workout.
  2. Keep fluids handy at your work station.
  3. Keep track of your daily water intake.
  4. Fill up your bottle as soon as it is about to finish.
  5. Go for healthy and natural flavourings when you get bored of plain water.
  6. Always keep yourself hydrated while on a holiday or a camping vacation.
  7. Take a glass of sparkling water and add a teaspoon of soda or you can drink soda that is available in ice-cream parlors or hotels. You can quench thirst for a longer time but do not try this option constantly. If you consume more soda, the bones in your body become weaker.
  8. You must drink water in the morning and perform some workouts. In this way you can feel fresh and also quench your thirst. If you perform workouts, you inhale fresh oxygen and feel energetic also.
  9. You must keep some wet and scented napkins with you that are available in medical stores, beauty parlors or retail outlets. You can use them whenever you feel sweaty and devitalized.
  10. You must consume sports drinks or Cytomax once in a day to stay hydrated for a longer period. When you sweat, the sodium and potassium level of the body is burned and you feel even more dehydrated. But if you consume drinks, pills or foods that contain enough sodium or potassium content, then you can stay hydrated constantly.
  11. You must wake up during the early morning hours, preferably at 6.00 a.m and go out for a walk or perform jogging. The temperature is not high during the early morning hours and hence you can inhale fresh oxygen that is present in the atmosphere. In this way, you feel refreshed and you can drain away the sweat at once. You can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated for a longer period. You can remain vitalized for a longer time.
  12. Do not forget to drink water before travelling.

70% of our body contains water which implies that if we lose fluid from our body, it impacts the muscles, brain and other organs directly. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to refuel our body with water and water-rich foods to have a healthy time during summers.

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