Top 10 Most Eligible Billionaires

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Forbes magazine has produced its latest rating of the richest people in the world. In addition to the unattractive African princes, tycoons and Chinese on the list were several eligible bachelor in Russia and the United States. Let some of them and not in the top ten, but it’s nice to know that there are men in whom co-exist perfectly intelligence, beauty and hard work!

So, choose the prettiest of billionaires in 2011!

1. Mikhail Prokhorov

a 32-place 44 years old,


Condition $ 13 400 million

Mikhail Prokhorov – one of the most eligible bachelor in Russia and one of the highest: its growth is over 2 meters. In addition to the industry that brought businessman Capital, headed by Michael Biathlon Union of Russia and so much time devoted to work, which recently proposed a 60-hour workweek for all, which led to a wave of outrage among Russians. Prokhorov, plays basketball, is LJ blog, likes to relax in Courchevel and invest money in a “clean” urban transport.

2. Roman Abramovich

the 53 rd 44 years old,

divorced, six children

Condition $ 13 400 million

How nice to see Roman unaccompanied Dasha Zhukova! And let galeristka bore him a child back in 2009, a proposal , he never did, but because each of us still have a tiny hope. Roman Abramovich – a fan of expensive yachts and football. He bought an English football club “Chelsea”, making it one of the strongest in Europe. In parallel, a businessman engaged in improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Chukotka.

3. Yuri Milner

1139 th place 49 years old,

married, two children

The state $ 1,000 million

Coming from a Jewish family made ​​a fortune on the Internet. By investing in social networks “Classmates” and “VKontakte” Yuri Milner was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Russia . Yuri is personally acquainted with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, based on the biography which last year was filmed the movie “social network” . In addition, Yuri Milner headed Group.

With regard to the personal life of a businessman, it is hidden behind seven seals. It is known that his wife is a fashion photo artist, socialite and former model Julia Milner.

4. Bill Gates

2nd place 55 years old,

married, three children

Condition $ 56 000 million

Microsoft founder is no longer tops the list of the richest people in the world, since he recently donated 30 billion in its own charity Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which combats tuberculosis and malaria. In addition, Bill Gates invests in something, to accelerate the development of an AIDS vaccine. Businessman has promised to donate most of his fortune to charity after his death. In this case the billionaire said he would not leave a penny a legacy to children, because he is convinced that they must learn to make money.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

the 52-th 26 years old,single

Condition $ 13 500 million

Founder Zuckerberg of Facebook – the enemy of luxury. That only cost his famous flip flops! As recognized by the youngest billionaire in the world, it arranges one-room apartment, where instead of a bed on the floor will be thrown into the mattress.

Mark Zuckerberg knows how to separate business and personal life . Known story of how a young Internet genius refused to meet with representatives of Microsoft, because they scheduled an appointment at eight o’clock, and he was not used to get up early. But negotiations were interrupted with Yahoo! due to visit his girl – Asian Priscilla Chan.

6. Larry Ellison

5th place 66 years old,

divorced, two children

Condition $ 39 500 million

An American businessman Ellison – indiscreet man. One of the biographies of the founder of Oracle Corporation and is called “The god is different from Larry Ellison?”. For many years he is trying to outdo Bill Gates and around Microsoft, making his major corporation in the world.Larry Ellison is fond of surfing , has a fleet of aircraft and an outstanding collection of racing cars. The billionaire was married four times and recognizes that women – his main weakness. Rumor has it that Larry had a connection with some of his company’s collaborators.

7. Sergey Brin

24 th 37 years old,

married, 1 child

Condition $ 19 800 million Google founder’s parents graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU, but did not get into graduate school because of nationality, therefore, had emigrated to America. Sergey Brin still has not forgiven Russia, offended his mom and dad. He visited the home three times, once calling it the unflattering “Nigeria in the snow.”

Sergey Brin – a simple guy in jeans and a lambswool fisherman sweater, which goes on clean car, runs a charity and raising the two-year son, Benji.

8. Stefan Quandt

the 72-th44 years old,

married, 1 child

Condition $ 10 700 million

Stephen continues the work of a famous father – is developing a German car company BMW, so is the list of the wealthiest industrialists in Europe. Quandt – a modest man: he does not advertise personal life, his business motto sounds like “Avoid public attention.”

9. Ernesto Bertarelli

81 th 45 years old,

married, three children

Condition $ 10 000 million Ernesto Bertarelli – the owner of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe Serono, he inherited from his father. The most important passion of Italian billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli is sailing, he gives him much of his time. Team spirited sailor twice became the winner of the America’s Cup.

Businessman is married to former beauty queen, Britain’s Christie Bertarelli, who today are engaged in music. A girl stands at jazz festivals and even sang on stage with Simply Red.

10. Peter Kellner

98 Th 46 years old,

married,  four children

Condition $ 9,200 million

Cech Peter Kellner ties with Russia more than love. Our country has helped put together a billionaire status: businessman owns a chain of stores of home appliances “Eldorado” and Bank Home Credit. Peter Kellner has disgraced life – does not give interviews, avoiding photographers. Nobody even knows where they live tycoon and his family!

Peter Kellner invests huge money in education in the Czech Republic. Together with his wife founded the charitable organization billionaire Educa to support talented students whose families can not pay for expensive training.

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