Top 10 Most Expensive Things In The World

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1. Crocodile Skin Umbrella.

The world’s most expensive umbrella is none other than a crocodile skin umbrella. Priced at $50,000, this top quality umbrella was made to promote your wealth, although take a little bit of it as well. From Billionaire Couture, the umbrella has been handcrafted to Italian perfection and is just dying to be your date on a rainy day.

2. The most expensive bread

Described by it’s creator as “the Rolls-Royce of loafs”, Britain’s most expensive bread has today gone on sale in exclusive department store Harrods. Priced at a princely £15, it defies credit crunch logic at more than ten times the price of a regular supermarket loaf. However, despite it’s exorbitant price tag it’s expected to be incredibly popular with those looking for something a little more luxurious this Christmas.

3. Cohiba Behike cigars

The most expensive Cuban cigars – Cohiba Behike. The most expensive box of cigars in the world, estimated at $ 20,000, Cuban cigars Cohiba Behike. Of the 100 El Laguito boxes produced in a factory in Havana, 40 are made personally by head of the tobacco houses Norma Fernandez. The occasion was a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the elite cigar Cohiba for millionaires.

4. Expensive chair Le Mansory

Known tuninger of most luxurious cars * Le Mansory * produces a very expensive chairs for the office. Many would enjoy this stylish chair. Customers who were delighted with the cars, will continue to enjoy the comfort in their office. The chair has a noble sport carbon-fiber finishing with an amazing play of light. Many will like such a luxury.

5. The most expensive gold bike MV Agusta F4

The MV Agusta F4 is a pretty good motorcycle: some reckon it’s the most beautiful bike ever made. But human nature being what it is, someone will try to improve it. The guilty party here is an Italian company called Aurum, which has covered a perfectly good F4 with 24kt gold leaf. We’d love to know what Massimo Tamburini, designer of the F4, thinks of this. If you’re going to spend silly money on an MV Agusta, you’re better off tracking down an F4CC “Claudio Castiglioni”. It’ll cost $120,000, but at least they’re only making a hundred of them.

6. The most expensive pool table in the world

Three-time world champion in a game of billiards, * Vincent Facquet * has developed a line of luxury pool tables. The most extravagant of them, with ornaments made ​​of platinum – Majeste, is the most expensive table for a game of billiards in the world. There are LED lights and fiber optics for increased visibility in the table pocketes.

7. The most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world

Polish designer Lukaz Jemiol created the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world. 3730 crystals Swarovski are inlaid in a device for cleaning. Vacuum cleaner took as a basis the standard model “Ergorapido” from Electrolux. Despite the fact that the designer has made ​​only one copy, Electrolux invites anyone who wants to shell out and make a couple more copies on special conditions.

8. The most expensive Barbie doll in the world

Diamond Barbie doll, created together with the masters of De Beers dressed up in a dress decorated with 160 diamonds, white gold also with jewelry miniature details. The doll is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Barbie, made in 1999.

9. World’s most expensive CD

Japan could become the country with the strong economy, after the global crisis. And it pushes some companies specializing in the luxury industry. So the most expensive CD-ROM, called Woman, Sweet 10 Diamonds went on sale in the Japanese islands. In the store Takashimaya this disc has found a buyer for one hundred thousand dollars. This sky-high price is due to the disc jacket, made ​​of platinum with ten diamonds of two carats encrusted in it.

10. The most expensive aquarium fish – Platinum Arowana

Imagine how expensive it can be to replace one of the fish in your aquarium to another? Even if you prefer to breed goldfish, it is not so difficult in material terms. and if you have the most expensive fish in the world. In addition, the most rare and valuable. The price for this type of fish, different colors, ranges from $ 80,000. But if you particularly like the fish with snow white platinum shade, then a unique Platinum Arowana 37cm. in length will cost $ 400,000. It is very prestigious to have one of this fish in the office. The fish was shown at the exhibition Aquarama 2007 in Singapore, which received international attention.

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