Woman Sitting in Meditation

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Woman Sitting in Meditation ca. 2001

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  1. Saif says:

    I did the month’s cefninoment at a center (Taiwanese-style), but I prefer to call it a post-partum retreat. With all the breastfeeding troubles I had, it was so nice to be staying at a place where all my meals were taken care of, daily housekeeping, and a fresh change of clothes everyday. It was also nice that when I needed a mental break from caring for a newborn (and every parent knows that there are those time where you just need to step away), I could send him over to the nursery and know that he would be safe with a staff of well-trained nurses.The Traditional Chinese Medicine belief is that if you do that postpartum period right, you can re-set your body to eliminate any sort of imbalances or health problems you might have had prior to becoming pregnant. And in modern cefninoment practices, it’s fine to bath and wash your hair just make sure to dry off quickly and blow dry well. Some women go a step further and just take sponge baths with herbal teas, but at the center they told me to go ahead and shower if I needed it. @enjollah With the hair washing well I took it as an excuse to go out to get a wash & blowout at a nearby salon once a week. 😉 I’m a wash daily gal as well, but this way I could be comfortable and my head would dry quickly so that everyone was happy. I did make sure to wear long sleeves, long pants, and a hat when I went out, though.The other advantage of staying at the postpartum center was that the meals (which were yummy) were a mix of Western dietary advice and traditional beliefs: so lots of nourishing soups, different steamed whole grains or rice porridges, steamed veggies, braised meats and fishes. I never had a problem with going #2 or hemorrhoids while I was at the center (when I went back to my home and was subsisting on frozen foods was another story).I also wasn’t bored because they had parenting/post-partum recovery for mom classes every day, as well as Internet, cable TV, and a DVD player. I was actually really productive work-wise during that time, because I didn’t have to worry about housekeeping, and had easy access childcare. I loved my experience and I would totally do it again.

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