Top 10 Stars Secrets For Flat Stomach

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Learn the secrets of slim and flat stomach Stars!

1. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria showed off a golden tan and beautiful belly, resting on a yacht near St. Tropez. “I’ve never sat on a diet as such – has admitted the actress. – I love meat, fish and fresh vegetables. They help to stay longer well-fed. ” Eva intensively involved in sports. Four times a week she visits the strength and cardio, ballet and kickboxing.

2. Elizabeth Canalis

The Italian model Elizabeth Canalis, despite parting with heartthrob George Clooney, is in great shape. She fell into depression and did not pitch in a sweet, but still spend lot of time in sport and nutrition . And because of this her stomach looks perfect.Quickly to strengthen the abdominal muscles will help the most simple exercise, but it must be done daily.

Stand up straight! Exhale and pull your abdominal muscles toward your spine. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat several times for one approach and several times during the day.

3. Megan Fox

Gorgeous Megan Fox admits that she hates training. But overcomes his own laziness. She does massage or spending 30 minutes on cardio, which lead to the tone of her body, then goes on fitball and Pilates to develop flexibility and strength, and at the end of training another 30-45 minutes of riding a bike.

As for diet, Megan preferred a hearty breakfast: it helps to recharge and do not overeat during the day. The actress loves eggs, almonds, rich in protein and fiber, and eating lots of vegetables and fruits.

4. Avril Lavigne

Resting recently in Saint-Tropez, Avril Lavigne demonstrated a totally flat stomach. The singer only 25 years old, and it is evident that the metabolism of her order. Avril carefully caring for the skin, in addition, she plays sports.bPersonal Trainer singer Gregory Zhuzhon Roche preaches a particular system. “The main thing – turn off the brain and listen to your body – he says. – Do what you want, and you’ll be in great shape. ”

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is known for her passion for the sport. She worked on yoga, pilates, jogging. Now, with her girlfriend Courtney Cox is keen on training Budokon . This system combines yoga and martial arts. But before that, she had researched first for yoga teacher training courses that she took online to familiarize more yoga.  Practitioners of yoga can develop the following; as seen here, flexibility and agility, as well as find spiritual harmony. Recently, along with namesake – Jennifer Lopez – Actress registered on the website, which offers the services of coaches in cellular communication.

6. Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell proudly showed her smart news while on holiday in Italy. Over the years, her weight has been the subject of much debate (she almost died from bulimia), but now she just radiates health. The singer admitted that she helped her recover from motherhood: “Being a mom – it means to be an example for the child. Now I eat much more correct than ever before. “As for sports, Geri is engaged her three times a week, jogging 20 miles, and trains with weights. In addition, the singer enjoys water sports.”Try to do squats while holding a weight (or weights) at the level of your chest – abdomen and tighten quickly and become resilient” – advises Geri.

7. Ciara

Ciara – Queen of R’n’B – loved by fans not only vocal, but also to her sexual figure. As for the belly, the singer admitted that she loves to eat, but very carefully refers to the selection of products. Her diet consists of beans, grains, chicken and fish.Five or six days a week Chiara sports. For harmony, it recommends more to do squats and lunges. These are very useful and simple exercises that can be done anywhere.

8. Michelle Rodriguez

For the actress Michelle Rodriguez life – an adventure, is the same as in the movies. She loves and knows how to have fun, but when it comes to stress, she chooses the difficult sport. Michelle engaged in boxing and surfing, and relaxing during the practices of yoga. As for diet, after circuit training in the gym or a few hours in the boxing ring should fit Michelle dine. She recently become a vegetarian when she took part in the campaign of Sea Shepherd, trying to stop whaling. She explained: “You can not sit there, trying to save the animals and then kill to eat.”

9. Shakira

In Shakira perfect stomach. Still, it is professionally engaged in belly dancing and having fun and experience success in concerts and on the set of clips.In general, the singer says that she loves to combine different areas of the sport. For example, she practices yoga and ballet. This combination gives her strength and energy, developing flexibility and balance. “Teach to move all your body parts together and separately, that would give unbelievable results”, – tells Shakira. Of course, it is typical of Hispanic and flexibility in her blood, but you can try!

10. Katie Holmes

Looking at the belly Katie, can not say that she has a child. Although postpartum Kathy strongly recovered, she would not resort to emergency measures. Instead, the wife of Tom Cruise went to the gym and started cardio. But, admittedly, Katie, like many other people doing it just for the sake of figures, not for pleasure. “Sometimes my workout routine tire – admitted the actress. – And, while I was growing up in a sports environment, she has never been keen on sports. “Katie loves to observe the rituals of beauty, her daily skin care, using makeup remover, moisturizers and protective equipment.Yet just a sport has helped Katie quickly put herself in shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles. In addition, actress is vegetarian. However, she is not trying to have little, however, her diet of 1,000 calories a day with high protein and low in fat.

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