Top 10 Tips For Big Muscle Gains

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Gaining muscle mass is the basic need of body building. Muscle mass is most important than shape, definition and symmetry as it separates a good physique from an average. Avoid steroids as it come with a lot of side effects. A daily routine of strong workout is the key to build up muscle mass. Here are some of the important tips to gain your muscle mass:

  1. For big muscle, train with heavy weights.
  2. Take the weight through the full range of motion to maximize muscle expansion.
  3. Maintain a disciplined diet that includes good carbs, fruits, veggies, cereals and adequate protein.
  4. Listen to your body and respond accordingly. Rest if your body feels over trained or tired. Do not push through injuries; take a day off.
  5. Don’t forget the post workout stretch to facilitate recovery and avoid injuries.
  6. Low impact cardio is still vital for bodybuilding. A fast paced uphill walk strengthens a very important muscle you can’t see in the mirror—the heart.
  7. Take your supplements religiously to help your body develop beyond its boundaries.
  8. To avoid cramping stay hydrated throughout your workout with plain water or a low cal sports drinks.
  9. Consume protein post workout and before—for recovery and overnight growth.
  10. The bodybuilding efforts starts in your mind. Make sure to have a positive mindset prior to training.

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