Top 3 Hair Removal Secrets

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Short skirts, sleeveless tops – the summer requires the skin to be perfect, flawless and perfectly smooth.


The secret to shave without irritation is simple: the new blade. Formally Modern blades are made of abrasion resistance of metal, but for sensitive skin better fit entirely new. And the foam or shaving gel is also not a luxury but a necessity: they improve the result shave and care for tender skin in the process. By the way, in case of emergency you can use the folk wisdom – instead of foam take any hair conditioner.


Choosing the epilator, pay attention to two important points: the presence of light hair removal and the possibility of the water. The first lets you see even the finest hairs in darker lighting. And yes – in the water do not really hurt so much.


After depilation necessarily use any moisturizing cream to relieve irritation and soothe the skin. Or permanently to use special tools postepilyatsionnye – they not only moisturize and soothe, but also affect the bulbs, slowing the growth of hairs.

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