Top 6 Things To Do Pre-Wedding

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For every bride the last 2 weeks before the wedding – the most nervous time. Pre-wedding stress, a cure for one – the wedding itself. However, before the big day, you can not just take risks and, therefore, to remove excessive nervousness.

Nothing better to release all that stress than the bachelorette party, go to Sky Strippers with your friends and spend an amazing time with them.

Left 2 weeks before the person you with the thrill of waiting, it seems all my life. Most likely, you have almost everything ready: the defined holding celebrations, all booked, waiting for the last dress fitting. But you can still turn a squirrel in a cage, because the need to have time to prepare the necessary amount of detail! In such an exciting time really want to avoid surprises and unnecessary worries. For example, if you do not have wedding rings yet, just visit the London handmade jewellery shop, they have many options at a very good price.

1. It is important to change the diet, go on a diet or “jam” stress .

To such changes the body can express their disagreement. Thus, the strict diet can answer poor health and a pain in the stomach, overeating – the deterioration of the skin. Last week before the wedding, you should try to keep yourself in shape, and this form now determines your dress. And in any case can not starve yourself – it is detrimental not only to extra pounds, but for the mood, complexion and your overall health.

2. Experiment with cosmetic procedures.

To conduct some sort of procedure is only if you already did it many times and know the reaction of the organism. Keep in mind that many of them leave redness, peeling of the skin or provoke even leave bruises. Just visiting a tanning can lead to undesirable consequences, not to mention such procedures as chemical peels, injections of botox, hardware correction of the figure. Be very careful now, your main task – not to hurt yourself.

3. Experiment with hair.

This is not the best time for such radical solutions, such as perming and new hair color. The result will be adding extra problems in your very less time. Consult with hair dresser in manchester, the best way to treat hair during this period, because the stress immediately reflected in their state.

4. Contrive repair, relocation, and the like.

In your life coming up big changes, and your nervous system until it is just enough of a hassle.Try to postpone large projects. Even the move to your future husband, if you still lived alone, are not worth it. First, it is a serious effort. Secondly, it is a major risk of simply losing a lot of useful things, or to begin to live “in two houses,” which is very difficult.

5. Clarify the relationship with your ​​future husband.

At the wedding, all couples will be willing to be patient. Remember that this is not the easiest time, try to look at each other’s shortcomings through his fingers. In married life, it will greatly help you. And, of course, now is not the time to provoke a quarrel, to learn again how you care about him. All women do it, but now such trifles may have been a drama.

6. Think about the poor and follow all the advice.

Now everything will give you valuable advice and tell horror stories of failed marriages. Do not listen. Yours will be different. Because you are unique, your pair is unique, your wedding is unique, too.

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