Top 6 Ways To Create Good Sleeping Habits For Your Baby

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To get your baby to sleep throughout the night is a dream for most mothers. Every baby is different—-some mothers are lucky whose babies have good sleeping habits while other moms have problem whose babies don’t stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night during the first few months.

As a result….. very irregular and tiring schedule for mothers. Learn to sleep when your baby sleeps. After the morning massage, bath and swaddle most babies sleep best.

  1. Forget about what others say. You don’t need a baby monitor. For better bonding and less sleep problems due to¬†separation anxiety later on….make your baby sleep next to you till he or she is one.
  2. Don’t switch on the lights when the baby awakes. This teaches him that the dark is meant for sleeping. Feed in a lying position if your baby is hungry. Pat him to sleep if he is squirming. Cuddle him.
  3. Don’t get up to burp. Raise him while lying down, leaning against you. Many babies manage perfectly without burping so never get obsessed with it. If you are still concerned, lay him on his right side when he is more likely to burp by himself.
  4. Don’t disturb your baby even to change a wet nappy. Your baby can tolerate a wet nappy without fretting or getting nappy rash after the first few weeks. If your baby fusses or the whole bad is soaking, try to keep a clean diaper handy which you can fit easily in the dark, quickly. So that you and the baby can drift back to sleep.
  5. Never put a baby to sleep on the tummy, put him to sleep on the back or side for the first few months.
  6. Help your baby fall asleep when she needs to by understanding her body cues. Don’t try to force your baby to sleep when she isn’t sleepy or keep her awake when she needs to rest. Putting a baby down to sleep when she yawn, rub her eyes and nodding her head down reinforce a good sleeping habit for her—-that she should sleep when she is tired.

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