Top 6 Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

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The sun’s rays help to protect us from stress, to get the heat generated in the body its own vitamin D. But sun exposure may be a cause of life-threatening diseases, the most dangerous of them – skin cancer. Tan properly and protect your health any person who knows how to do it and how to select suitable for your skin sunscreen.

How to prepare for tanning

Expert advice

  1. Before taking sunbath don’t wash with soap and water. Soap destroys the protective covering of skin and degreasing it.
  2. Acceptance of certain medications increase the sensitivity of the skin and can cause sun allergies. It is better not to use cosmetics, deodorants and perfumes, otherwise there is danger of pigment spots, which are very difficult to remove.
  3. Tanning, apply to the lips of a bright lipstick. Lipstick bright colors often contain a substance from which the skin is irritated by the sun.
  4. Do not use cosmetics, painted in brown: the substances contained in them, irritate the skin.
  5. Clothing can not fully protect us from the sun. Thus, cottons miss almost 6% of sunlight, and when wet – up to 20%.
  6. Be sure to use sun protection ! And remember that they do not work immediately, but after only 15-30 minutes after application.

What protection factor chosen according to skin type?

  • I type: very light sensitive skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair, freckles. This skin is contraindicated stay in direct sunlight, it instantly burns. For protection, you should use the most powerful sunscreen labeled “for sensitive skin”: in the first few days in the sun SPF 50 +, then – SPF 30. Oil Intensive Tanning contraindicated!
  • II type: fair skin, blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, freckles. The skin photo type of the sun can, but not to get burned, to accustom her to the sun should be gradual. On the beach is better to use water-resistant means: the first few days – SPF 30, in the future – SPF 15.
  • III Type: fairly light skin, dark eyes, brown or blond hair. This is the most common photo type in our country. Its representatives tan easily and quickly, often bypassing the nasty stage of redness. The first few days in the sun to use tools with a protection factor of at least SPF 15, in the future – SPF 10.08.
  • IV type: dark skin, black hair, dark brown eyes, freckles, does not happen. Representatives of the photo-type tan quickly and easily. Although this does not cause skin to owners of hassle associated with sunburn, it is still necessary to protect against photo-aging sunscreen at least SPF 6-8.

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