Travel/Backache During Pregnancy

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There is no reason why you shouldn’t travel during pregnancy and with these Hacks to Live in the Moment While Traveling you will make it even more special.

However, during the later stages you should check your doctor if you are going abroad. Airlines  may not be willing to take you once you are past 28 weeks because of the risk of a premature labour occurring.

If you want to fly you will need to check with the airline before you book a ticket; the airline may insist on a medical certificate stating that it is safe for you to travel. If you wish to visit a country where immunization is required,  you will have to get medical advise because some vaccines should be avoided completely in pregnancy.

You will probably want to avoid long car journeys towards the end of pregnancy because you may find them uncomfortable. When  traveling by car it is important to wear your seat belt so that it fits neatly across your thighs and above your abdomen, but not across the middle. If the belt was worn across your body it could possibly cause damage to your baby if you were involved in a car accident.


This can be particularly troublesome during the last months of pregnancy. Hormones have softened your ligaments and the additional weight you r carrying inevitably puts a strain on your stomach muscles, which in turn puts strain on your back muscles. If the backache you are suffering is particularly severe, always check it out with your doctor because it can indicate the presence of a kidney infection.

Ease upper backache by lying flat on a firm surface with pillows under your head and knees. Lower backache can be helped by kneeling on all fours, with your back straight and your hands and knees well apart, then dropping your head and arching your back. Repeat this exercise several times.

You can help to avoid backache by wearing low-heeled shoes and trying not to hollow your back when you are standing.  When you are sit down, put a cushion in the small of your back; when you get out of a chair, push yourself  right to the edge  before attempting to stand up.

A firm mattress will help when you are lying down; when you get up lying position, roll over onto your side and then push yourself slowly up. If you have to bend down, always bend your body from knees and then squat down to pick up anything from the floor.

  • Don’t fasten your seatbelt over your bump as your baby could be damaged in a accident, fasten your seat belt under your bump and across your thighs to protect your baby.

  • How to relieve backache
  1. To relieve painful aches in your lower back in pregnancy, try this exercise. Kneel down on the floor on all fours with your back straight, your head facing down, and your hands and knees spaced well apart.
  2. Drop your head right down and arch your back to stretch out the painful muscles, hold for several seconds, then release, raising your head up again. Repeat the exercise several times for the best relief.

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