Trends Of The Season Through The Eyes Of Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga constantly shocking the audience with their costumes. But if you look closely, outfits of the singer will not seem quite so strange, because its images based on fashion trends. Just Gaga their replays and exaggerates. We on trends for fall-winter 2011-2012 through the eyes of Lady Gaga.

1. Lady Gaga in the red

Many celebrities have already got trendy red pants. But Lady Gaga never had differed standard way of thinking: to show the trend, the singer donned in red from head to toe. Complement the sunglasses “cat’s eye” and the singer’s favorite shoes – shoes with a huge platform. You can learn more about it here. Another fashion trend that you did not miss in Lady Gaga – volume-torch hose. In the autumn collections you can find shirts, dresses and even coat with a form of sleeves. Gaga is preferred to the standard size – a giant. As a result of this choice figure the singer lost the correct proportions.

2. Lady Gaga: bird of happiness

For pictures of the magazine Vanity Fair Lady Gaga has chosen a romantic lacy dress, trimmed with delicate hem with feathers. To enhance the “bird” effect Gaga complement the ensemble of a large hat of pigeon wings. Incidentally, the outfit, which chose the singer made ​​fashion house Valentino. A similar dress from the collection of couture brand put on Keira Knightley  at the premiere of “dangerous method” for 68th Venice Film Festival .

3. Leopard print maxi length

Many celebrities have shown their love in the summer of skirts and dresses to the floor . Do not lag behind them, and Lady Gaga. On photography in Central Park in New York, she wore a long skirt of a magnificent metallic fabric. Another fashion trend fall 2011 – a bright pattern . Of all the prints that are relevant for this season, Lady Gaga, chose the leopard. “Animal” bras decorated with gold trim and beads.

4.  Diligent schoolgirl Lady Gaga

In the autumn-winter 2011 – 2012 the designers paid special attention to black and white. White Eton collar “Peter Pan” we associate with school custom uniforms and maid costumes. But Lady Gaga saw this trend in its own way: her image added black micro-shorts and big sunglasses and a huge white hat.

5. Glamour and rock

Create an image of “bad girl” not difficult enough to wear leather jackets, jeans, scuffed boots and rough. But Lady Gaga has gone her own way: the singer wore a long dress with a transparent skirt, decorated with metal studs, and short black gloves, motorcycle-like. Glamorous Gothic image gave an elegant black clutch.

6. Lady Gaga-style “a la garcon”

At the awards ceremony MTV VMA-2011 Lady Gaga appeared in the form man. There is nothing strange, because one of the main trends of autumn-winter 2011 – 2012 – style “a la the waiter.” The main attributes of a trend – pantsuit, Oxfords, Men’s hat and white shirt with a tie-ribbon . Lady Gaga put on a blazer “with someone else’s shoulder,” tight pants and “male” shoes, and a neat white blouse with a collar shirt stretched replaced. Thus, the fashion trend this season, has gained a whole new meaning: style “a la garcon” – is not only sleek and dandy-ism, but also negligence inherent in the majority of ordinary men.

7. Lady Gaga in the “crow’s feet

Lady Gaga decided not to miss the triumphant return of the legendary print. During one of their outputs in light of the singer put on a “hounds tooth” from head to toe . Traditional set with the stickers would include an elegant string of pearls, classic ballet flats Chanel and her hat, “the pill”. Lady Gaga is far from the standards, so it chose the multi-layered pearl necklace, thick glasses and clutch, repeating pattern costume. The singer has decided not to stop there and added to the image of the shoes in the “crows feet”, such as manicures and hat, resembling a flying saucer.

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