Tulsi a Best Medicine

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Most worshiped plant in Hindu culture is Tulsi. she is a queen in India of herbs , it is greatly used in all Medicines, Cosmetics and even you can find it in every house of india.It has a mythological background as tulsi is considered as lord Krishna”s wife.

So as the culture of planting tulsi in center of court yard in Hindu homes. It is a strong belief that those who plant tulsi in there houses never get ill, as it is very lovable to lord Krishna and lord Krishna has blessed this herb with this property. Scientific reason of this story is that tulsi contains such a chemical composition that no mosquitoes and flies can come near the plant because of it s peculiar odor. Thereby by planting tulsi in courtyard prevents entry of these creatures in house thus rendering home safe from any diseases caused by these organisms.
So here are some benefits of tulsi leaves.

1. Healing Power: The tulsi plant has many medicinal properties and great healing power. it really gives magical effect in lots of diseases and every part of body.

2 . Headaches: Basil is a good medicine for headache. pounded leaves mix it with sandalwood paste and apply it on the forehead it will give you relief .

3. Skin Disorders: Applied locally, basil juice is beneficial online slots in the treatment of various other skin disorders.

4. Energy and Performance – Improves stamina and endurance, and increases the body”s efficiency in using oxygen. Enhances protein synthesis and online slots strength.

5. Anti-Aging Effects – Slows the biological aging process by reducing the impact of physiological aging factors – such as stress, free radicals and decreased immunity.

6. Fever and common cold-The juice of tulsi leaves can be used to bring down fever. Extract of tulsi leaves in online slots fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours. In between one can keep giving sips of cold water. In children, it is every effective in bringing down the temperature.

7. Coughs-Chewing tulsi leaves relieves cold and flu.

8. Sore Throat-Water boiled with tulsi leaves is good for sore throat. It can also be gargled.

9. Stress– As everybody knows now a days its a big problem. A persons can chew 12 leaves of basil, twice a day, to prevent stress. It purifies blood

10.Dandruff- It helps in controlling dandruff. Tulsi oil can be used for controlling dandruff. It can be used by mixing with coconut oil.

11. Teeth-It can be used as tooth powder by drying its leaves and mixed with water.

12. Specially for children-Every morning if children, younger, aged or women
anybody will eat 6-7 leaves of tulsi daily, it will sharpen their mind and enhances grasping power, this is specially for kids.

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