Want To Live Longer? Don’t We All?

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Let’s face it, most of us have thought about living a longer life but truth be told there is no known way to guarantee it. However, it does seem that the Mediterraneans decades ago actually did live much healthier lifestyles than we now do in the Western world!

For decades scientists worldwide have been studying the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle to figure out why Mediterranean people aged so well.

Mediteranean diet

Live, love, laugh and food?

Traditional Mediterranean people who as they aged lived the healthiest and most active lives, had some important things in common. Active lives of farming, fishing, family, friends and laughter and…. a love of food! Yes Mama’s cooking meant so much, made with love, their wholesome traditional diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, grains, dairy, beans, fish, olive oil and wine is now renowned for its health benefits. The sad reality thought is so few of us in modern times seem to have the time to do and eat all the things these people did so long ago.

The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and today’s realities.

Whilst it’s nice to imagine enjoying long leisurely lunches of home grown and homes cooked ingredients, eating freshly caught fish and sipping red wine on a sun filled terrace everyday, for most of us, it’s just not possible outside of holidays. The reality of our everyday lives is busy days, packed with rushed meals and too much to do.

The good news is that we can all enjoy some of the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle!

It seems that you don’t have to be Mediterranean to enjoy some the health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle, people from anywhere can reap the benefits of introducing it into their everyday lives.

The NEW Mediteranean Dietary Supplement

The NEW Mediterranean Dietary Supplement has harnessed 3 of the beneficial nutrients found in some of the major ingredients of the traditional Mediterranean diet…. so that all of us can enjoy some of its health benefits everyday.

1. Red Wine

red wine

red wine

How do the French eat so much fatty food and still have good heart health?

It may sound strange, but the French consume a high fat diet yet have good heart health- this is known in scientific circles as the French paradox. In today’s busy world of fast living and fast food it sounds like the French knew something we should all know about! The French paradox is often attributed to their consumption of wine with meals, so it seems that a toast to health and wellness with some red wine with lunch or dinner may be part of the answer.

How could red wine be helpful?

OPCs, are a group of something called polyphenols that can be found in some red wines. Polyphenols have the ability to help support eye, heart and vascular health…. even help fight the signs of premature aging.

2. Olives



Olives and olive oil are used in kitchens throughout the Mediterranean and not just because they taste good! Hydroxytyrosol, a powerful antioxidant found in olives is believed to help maintain healthy cardiovascular function as well as protect against free radical damage.

3. Fish



While the Mediterraneans love their seafood it’s the unsaturated fats found in fish, known as Omega-3 fatty acids that are really interesting. Thought to do everything from support normal blood cholesterol levels, brain function, heart function, heart function and blood pressure to supporting mood and well-being.

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