Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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One of the main evidence is the proper course of pregnancy weight gain according to accepted standards. The optimal weight gain during pregnancy – is 10-14 kg. To keep an accurate track of it, visit Scaleszen and get one of their products.

Weight and pregnancy

Weight and pregnancy

Gain weight during pregnancy is composed of several indicators: the weight of the baby, uterus, amniotic fluid, placenta, and increased mammary glands, blood volume, and, of course, there is a margin of adipose tissue. It is desirable that the weight gain during pregnancy gradually, without shock.

But, despite the accepted norms, every body is different, and weight gain during pregnancy depends on many factors and, above all, the weight of the women before pregnancy. So few of ladies can not only gain weight, but even lose a few pounds. On the contrary, the fragile female weight during pregnancy sometimes increases more than normal.

In such cases, will be indispensable calculator weight during pregnancy. Based on data from your height and weight before pregnancy, as well as gestational age, normal weight gain is calculated for each week of pregnancy. Calculator weight during pregnancy can help in a timely manner to notice abnormal weight gain or its shortfall, which may indicate some failure in the body.Remember that there are certain things that need to prepare a planning another pregnancy. Balance – one of those things: it will be interesting and useful to see how your body grows new life.

Weight gain during pregnancy, in fact, need to monitor and, if necessary, adjusted for insufficient or excessive weight can damage the health of mother and child. There is no exact figures for each woman, it’s their performance. Take a calculator and counted. Determine what weight would be desirable for you, it is possible to the original body mass index. To do this, the weight in kilograms (before pregnancy) divided by height in squared in meters. For example, when growth of 170 cm (1.7 m) and weighing 55 kg. body mass index is 19 (weight 55 is divided by the square of the growth of 2.89 = 19).

Therefore, if you have: less than 18.5 – your weight is below normal from 18.5 to 25 – is considered normal between 25 and 30 – redundant 30 – obesity. The optimal weight gain during pregnancy are considered here such figures, depending on the weight before pregnancy, if you were in the border below the norm – then you can safely gain from 12.5 to 18 kg if weight was normal then 11.5 – 15 kg, excess – 7 – 10 kg, obesity – to 6 kg. under the constant supervision of a physician. If you expect to twins or triplets, the 16 – 21 kg, regardless of their weight before pregnancy. Weight recruited during pregnancy, as follows: Child 3 – 3.5 lbs. placenta 500 g 1 kg uterus Amniotic fluid – 1 kg. Increased Breast – 0.5 kg. Additional blood – 1.5 kg. more water – 1.5 – 2 kg more fat deposits 3 – 4 kg. If you noticed that the weight per week has increased by more than 0.5 kg. or no increase at all, should urgently consult with a gynecologist.


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