Weight Gain When You Are Expecting More Than One

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Get ready to gain. Most practitioners advise a women expecting twins to gain 35 to 45 pounds and a women expecting triplets to gain an average of 50 pounds (a little less if you were overweight prepregnancy; a little more if you were underweight).

Sound like a piece of cake, right? Or maybe two pieces of cake (or heck, maybe the whole cake). But the reality is, gaining enough weight isn’t always as easy as it seems when you’ve got two-or more-on more-on board. In fact, a variety of challenges you may face throughout your pregnancy can keep the numbers on the scale from climbing fast enough.

Standing between  you and weight gain in the first trimester might be nausea, which can make it difficult to get food down-and then keep it down. Eating tiny amounts of comforting (and, hopefully, sometimes nutritious) food throughout the day can help get you  through those probably queasy months. Aim for a pound-a-week gain through the first trimester, but you find you can’t gain that much, or have trouble gaining at all, relax. You can have fun catching up later. Just be sure to take your prenatal vitamin and stay hydrated.

Use the second trimester (which will probably be your most comfortable one-and the easiest one for you to do some serious chowing down in) as your chance to load up on the nutrition your babies need to grow. If you gained  no weight during the first trimester (or if you lost weight due to severe nausea and vomiting). Your practitioner may want you to gain one and a half  to two pounds per week during this period  for twins or two to two and a half per week for triplets. (If you’ve been gaining steadily through the first trimester, you’ll only have to aim for one and a half pounds a week for twins or  two per week for triplets .) That may seem like a lot of weight in a short time, and you’re right-it is. But it’s weight that important to gain. Supercharge your eating plan with extra serving of protein, calcium, and whole grains. Heartburn and indigestion starting to cramp your eating style? Spread your nutrients out over those six (or more) mini meals.

As you head into the home stretch (aka, the third trimester) , reach for a goal of one and  half to two pounds per week through your seventh month. By 32 weeks, your babies may be 4 pounds each, which won’t leave much room in your crowded-out stomach for food. Still, even though you’ll be feeling plenty bulky already, your babies will have to bulk up quite a bit more-and they ‘ll appreciate the nutrition a well-balanced diet provides. So focus on quality over quantity, and expect to taper down to a pound  a week or less in the eight month and just a pound or so total during the ninth. (This makes more sense when you remember that most multiple pregnancies don’t make it to 40 weeks.)

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