What if Baby Is not Gaining Weight ?

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Usually, doctors of the old school in a similar situation offer a mixture of baby finish feeding for infant nutrition. More modern doctors are interested, first of all, the style of your breast feeding, as they try to find the real causes of weight gain is not enough.Initially, we denote the rate of weight gain for babies from birth up to a year, noting that these rules are derived for the kids, bottle-baby.

With respect to infants, should be guided not only by those rules, but also on the general condition of the baby.∙

  • In the first three or four months your baby should be added to 600-900 g of each month;∙
  • Monthly weight gain in four – six months – from 400 to 600 g;∙
  • At six – nine months – from 300 to 500 g;∙
  • At nine – twelve months – 100 – 300

A child who is breastfed only may gain more or less than the specified standard. If your child is growing slowly and gained little weight, you should pay attention to the baby’s skin condition, and available on the legs and arms folds of fat. If the baby’s skin is wrinkled and dry, it really lacks power. Also check out his wet diaper. Kid peeing on a daily basis should be at least 12-14 times, and the urine should be colorless or light yellow color and have no smell.

The behavior of the child can not be accurately draw conclusions about his malnutrition. Children may scream and cry from hunger, but they can also adapt to the conditions and, conversely, even when hungry, a lot of sleep without disturbing at the same time mom. Insufficient weight can also be caused by a disease, for example, neurological problems, infection with helminths. Therefore, you should carefully look closely to the symptoms that accompany a lack of weight gain.

If, in performing the test on the wet diapers and baby crawl of a doctor, you have concluded that the milk he’s still not enough, take a mixture of the store. At first, answer the following questions that can detect errors in your breastfeeding, you may be able to do without artificial supplementation:

  1. How often do you feed your baby breastmilk? If you’re putting on his chest, respectively regime every three hours, perhaps you have a lactation decreased, because of what appeared shortage in weight.
  2. How long do you usually keep your baby at the breast? Have weakened the power of kids is reduced sucking, feeding a crumb only a quarter of an hour is not enough, he did not have time to suck the milk fat back, promoting the most effective weight gain. When feeding the monitor, the baby actually ingested milk, and not just sleeping, keeping the nipple in his mouth. Wake him up, so long as it does not empty the breast completely. The second breast should be given only if the child demonstrates that from the first breast he ate. An indicator of this is the greedy grasping the baby the breast, after which he leans on it, bends, nervous, maybe even cry.
  3. You give your child other than breast or pacifier and bottle of water? The child may due to damaged nipples correct latch, because of what the baby will pull the bad milk, causing reduction of lactation in mothers.
  4. You feed your baby at night? Milk is absorbed more quickly than the mixture, so breastfed baby to sleep soundly through the night should be avoided. If your baby at night does not wake up, set the alarm clock and feed it every three hours, which will help maintain milk supply and will not let a child starve.
  5.  Sure you have enough milk you have coming? Quickly empties a crumb chest, do you feel the tides of milk? Maybe you have a temporary crisis lactation, or you perenervnichal, and maybe get enough food and drink for a full stable of lactation? Fasting or dieting is not the time, your diet should include enough protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as differ-balanced mineral and vitamin content. To increase the milk supply should increase fluid intake. It is useful before and after feeding to drink tea with milk, tea, herbal to increase lactation and peanut milk (milk infused with walnuts). There are also other recipes to stimulate lactation, vitamins for lactating and pregnant women, pill – which produce milk for the mother bee. During the period of lactation should get plenty of rest, not to worry, sleep with the baby, at any time to attach it to your chest.

If you performed a few days of the above suggestions, but the improvement in lactation has not happened and the child is gaining weight did not, think about standing on a mixed feeding, which give the baby the breast after a certain amount of mixture. Beginning with the introduction of 150-200g of mixture per day and in parallel trying to establish lactation. If the weight of the baby recovers, and he begins a day to wet diapers for more than 14, the amount of supplementation can be reduced. If that baby food is not enough, you can amount consumed per day to increase the mix, but in the end the kid can do to give up breast milk, or you may lose.

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