Winter Precautions For Your Newborn Baby

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Newborn babies are  poor regulators, they have no fat layer for preserving the warmth and therefore  are often having cold. Born in the winter children require special care and nursing. Here are few precautions you need in winter season for your newborn.

new born care during winter

new born care during winter

First of all newborns require right clothing

Care should be taken about  that baby is wearing a flannel and cotton vest, depending on the temperature in the room. At home baby should be covered with a thin blanket. In winter, the child should be wearing two light vests: cotton and flannel, unitard with closed legs and socks on top of it. Such clothing shall be in the room. Keep in mind that you should not overheat the room in which the baby live, which may adversely affect his health. The temperature in the room for the baby should be around 21 degrees.

To walk your child will also need warm overalls, preferably made of natural fabrics. Natural and very soft to the touch and should be a cap. To avoid irritation, wear a hat under a light cap. Thin socks is better to than wool.

After The Baby Is Born, Your Newborn Care

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