What To Feed A Child In School?

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At first, we list the foods should not be given to snack at school:∙ finished tea, poured into a plastic bottle of soda or sugar water;∙ chocolate bars such as “Mars” and “Snickers”;∙ any sausage;∙ chips and crackers;∙ mayonnaise and ketchup;∙ rolls stuffed with muffins and long-term storage;∙ fast food of any kind.

To ensure rational nutrition in primary school children lunch-box is better put:

1. Fruit

You can put fruit-allergenic, which are convenient to eat at school and not get dirty.

2. Sandwich

For its foundation is better to take whole wheat or rye bread with bran. On a piece of bread you can put meat patty, cheese, chicken, fish, tongue, boiled or baked meat. The youngest student is desirable not to make a sandwich with any meat products, because they contain almost no protein needed growing organism, and are poorly digested. Spices and flavorings that are contained in the sausage will irritate the stomach pupil, increasing the appetite. Also, do not add to the finished sandwich ketchup or mayonnaise. To sandwich was too dry, it is better to put a slice of tomato, pepper or just a leaf of lettuce. Check out the best electric sandwich maker here.

3. Drink

For primary school children drinking optimally suited mineral water but without gas, juice, tea made at home, juice, yogurt.

4. Flour

Here the choice is wide enough. For school, you can put homemade cakes, made from rye flour, cookies, cheesecakes, etc. The main thing is not to give the baby cakes daily. In addition, the lunch-box should not be more than two or three cookies, a couple or a single Syrnikov patties.

5. Sweet

Parents want their child to indulge tasty. The youngest student can not do without the sweet, because it (in varying amounts) required children to mental work. As you know, sweetness – it’s fast carbohydrates. Once in the blood, brain candy give energy. But do not forget that a few slices of dark chocolate, a higher content of cocoa or milk chocolate, but without fruit fillings, it will be enough. Chocolate can replace a couple of chocolates. However, a more correct to give the child still dried fruits, candied fruits or nuts.

Encourage your child must snack at school properly.

The basic rules are:∙

  • Do not eat the entire contents of the lunch box to a recess. After the first or second lesson, it is desirable to have a snack or sweet fruit, a sandwich and leave for a big change.
  • If a lunch-box for primary school children is milk and juice or sweet yogurt, you should not write them sweets.∙ fruits, sweets and dairy products it is desirable to eat separately.
  •  Sweets drink unsweetened tea, recommended or mineral water. It is preferable to eat them at the beginning of the school day, allowing them to energize a child, and will not go into body fat.
  • Finally the following advice to parents. Rational nutrition student, not least, provides a variety of content, in lunch-box.

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