What You Can Expect At This Month’s Checkup

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A couple of new items are on the agenda at this month’s checkup, along with the old standards. As you enter your last trimester, you can expect your practitioner to check the following, though there may be variations depending on your particular needs and your practitioner’s style of practice:

  • Weight and blood pressure

  • Urine, for sugar and protein

  • Fetal heartbeat

  • Height of fundus ( top of  uterus)

  • Size and position of fetus, by external palpation (feeling from the outside)

  • Hands and feet for swelling, and legs for protruding varicose veins

  • Glucose screening test

  • Blood test for anemia

  • Symptoms you may have been experiencing, especially unusual ones

  • Questions or problems you want to discuss – have a list ready

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