What You Can Expect At This Month’s Checkup

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You’ll be spending more time than ever at your practitioner’s office this month with appointments scheduled weekly. These visits will be more interesting – the practitioner will estimate baby’s size  and may even venture a prediction about how close you are to delivery – with the excitement growing as you approach the big day. In general, you can expect your practitioner to check the following, though there may be variations depending on your particular needs and your practitioner’s style of practice:

  • Your weight (gain generally slows down or stops)

  • Your blood pressure (it may be slightly higher than it was at midpregnancy)

  • Your urine, for sugar and protein

  • Your Hands and feet for swelling, and legs for varicose veins

  • Your cervix (the neck of your uterus), by internal examination (opening)n, to see if effacement (thinning) and dilation (opening) have begun

  • The height of the fundus

  • The fetal heartbeat

  • Fetal size (you may get a rough weight estimate), presentation (head or buttocks first), position (front or rear facing), and descent (is presenting part engaged?) by palpation (feeling with the hands)

  • Questions and concerns you want to discuss, particularly those related to labor and delivery – have a list ready. Include frequency and duration of Braxton Hicks contractions, if you’ve noticed any, and other symptoms you have been experiencing, especially unusual ones.

You can also expect to receive a labor and delivery protocol (when to call if you think you are in labor, when to plan on heading to the hospital or birthing center) from your practitioner; if you don’t, be sure to ask for these instructions.

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