When Sex May Be Limited

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Since lovemaking has so much to offer you and your partner when you’re expecting, it would be wonderful if every couple could take advantage of those perks throughout pregnancy. Alas, for some this isn’t possible. In higher risk  pregnancies, intercourse may be restricted at certain times or even for the full nine months. Or intercourse may be permitted without orgasm for woman. Or foreplay may be allowed as long as penetration is avoided. Or penetration is permitted but only if a condom is used. Knowing precisely what is safe and when it’s safe is essential, so ask for details if your practitioner instructs you to abstain. Find out why sex is off the table and whether that refers to intercourse, orgasm, or both, and whether the restrictions are temporary or apply for the entire pregnancy.

Sex will probably be restricted under the following, and possibly other, circumstances:

  • If you are experiencing signs of preterm labor or, possibly, if you have a history of preterm labor
  • If you have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix or placenta previa
  • Possibly, if you are experiencing bleeding or if you have a history of miscarriages

If penetration is off-limits, but orgasm’s allowed, considered mutual masturbation. If orgasm’s taboo for you, you might get pleasure out of pleasuring your partner this way (he certainly won’t object). If intercourse has been okayed – but orgasm’s prohibited – you could try making love without your reaching climax. Though this definitely won’t be completely satisfying for you (and may also be impossible if you climax easily), you’ll still get some of the intimacy you’re both craving while providing pleasure for your partner. If all lovemaking activities have been banned for the duration, try not to let that come between you as a couple.

Focus on other ways of getting close – the romantic, Grated kinds you might not have tapped into since early on in your relationship (like hand-holding, cuddling, and old-fashioned making out.

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