Where To Study : The Best Universities In The World

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Each year, influential magazines and organizations shows lists of the best schools. Nuance is that members of these lists are usually not affected. What does it mean only one thing – the quality of learning and indisputable reputation. An overview of the best universities in the world.

1. Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The oldest American university, founded September 8, 1636. Harvard has the largest endowment in the world, which is $ 27.4 billion general, the records and numbers – is on their side. Among university graduates the most billionaires – a total of 62: for example, CEO Microsoft Steve Ballmer , New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Harvard regularly occupying first place in the list of best universities according to Forbes , graduated a lot of famous people – from David Rockefeller and Mark Zuckerberg to Matt Damon and Natalie Portman. Education is not cheap – $ 50-60 thousand a year. At the same time and do here is not easy: a competition for student place is quite high – from more than 30 000 applications by experienced teachers select only 1-2 thousand, ie, goes from 15 to 30 people in one place. However, many still carries, and each year at Harvard attracts about 20,000 newcomers.

2. Yale

Located in New Haven, Connecticut. University 310 years. It occupies the 11th place in the academic ranking of world universities. It enrolled 11 000 students. Included in the elite “Ivy League” , has a reputation as a forge in the first place the humanities. Cost of training per year is between $ 34 530. Despite the elitism, Yale has been very democratic in politics. In the site of the University there is a section of online-courses. Each lecture is available as a video file, mp3-file and a text transcript, a series of lectures the invited experts. Computer presentations also available that accompany the lecture. Yale cherishes its tradition, which is just as important as the educational part. The official symbol of the Yale – Bulldog Dan, the institution – the only one in the world, which has its own golf course. At Yale, there are a number of stable legends, which are made ​​to believe. For example, the legend of the cursed stone, “set into” in the sidewalk patio of one of the buildings. It is believed that if a student comes to this rock, then he or she would never finish the school. The reasons for this curse is not entirely clear, although there is a version that once the builder has fallen from the roof on this place and fell to his death.

3. Imperial College London

Established in 1907. According to The Times , ranked sixth in the list of top 200 universities in the world. In turn, Sunday Times and The Guardian called the Imperial College third among UK universities in the overall rankings. Here is one of the world’s best business schools. Average tuition fees rather high, Imperial , incidentally, is the most expensive school in the world for international students – to any amount of foreigners have to add $ 12 000 annually. The lowest fee – for Mathematics (14 000 lb), most – for medical (34 000). Faculties at Imperial College, for a total of 155.

4. Stanford University

Located near the city of Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA. Founded in 1891 by California Governor Leland Stanford . It has about 6700 students. Specialization – business, law, technology. The University is divided into several parts: the Faculty of Business, law, medical and technical departments. Among its graduates – the founders of Google and Yahoo . Tuition fee – $ 45 000 in the first year, the next a little less – about $ 43 000. In this Stanford implements projects affordable education. The first was a free online course on artificial intelligence. The university weight amusing traditions, especially those associated with the exams: stress therapy (at midnight in the last week of the session, students open the windows in their bedrooms and shout loudly), midnight breakfast (in the final days of the session, teachers will organize night breakfast for students, and can easily be seen as a respectable professor acts as a waiter at a freshman).

5. California Institute of Technology

The private university located in Pasadena, California. Specialization – the sciences, engineering. This is a relatively small school – there has about 900 students. At the same time his reputation is very high. From Caltech in any way associated 31 laureate Nobel Prize . Studying at the institute is not simple, not in vain stay at Caltech describe the aphorism: “Studying, sleeping, social life: choose two out of three.” The students have time to not only memorize but also fun. Do the inhabitants of the university has many annual traditions. For example, every Halloween, students dropping pumpkins frozen in liquid nitrogen, and often covered with New Year’s lights, the roof of the library. In addition, each year’s Day truancy, which chetverokursniki leave, leaving a sophisticated device of its doors and puzzles that have to decide mladshekursnikov team to enter. By the way, Caltech is a place of popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory.” Tuition is about $ 30 000 per year. Interestingly, every other international students – from Asia.

6. Princeton University

One of the oldest in the U.S. (founded in 1746), located in Princeton, New Jersey. Journal of US News & World Report seven times to call him first in the world in terms of quality of education. Princeton played a prominent role in American history: the signature of its rector, John Witherspoon is the Declaration of Independence United States. In 1893 there was approved by the Code of Ethics, which is obligatory for all students. At each exam, students sit at Princeton , and in each written paper, students should write and sign a “pledge of honor.” Among those who studied here – the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and scientist Albert Einstein. Tuition fees – about $ 35,000 a year. Princeton is famous for not only the quality of the knowledge here, but busy student life. Here are regularly interesting cultural events – for example, an exclusive show “Fight Club” actor in the company Edarda Norton , followed by discussion of the film. Some of the guests of the university involved in the emergence of traditions. For example, Paul Newman , speaking to the students, joking – they say, pack of 24 bottles of beer in a day and 24 hours for nothing. Since then, one day in April, students tend to drink a bottle of beer every hour. Traditions in the Princeton set, the funniest – running naked at midnight on the day when the first snow.

7. University of Chicago

One of the leading universities in the world, based Rockefeller in 1890. Known studies in economics and social and political sciences. Close to Cambridge in the number of Nobel laureates among its graduates – 79 scientists. Obama taught constitutional law here, and his wife Michelle was an assistant dean of student affairs. The University is known as a rescue option for those who could not go to Harvard .

8. Columbia University

Founded in 1754, is based in New York in Manhattan, where he held six quarters. Along with Yale is a “Ivy League” and is considered to forge the U.S. political elite. His students were the presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and current head of state Barack Obama . Of culture here too privechayut – Columbia University, graduated from the 25 award winners “Oscar” , it is also a Columbia University awards the Pulitzer Prize – the highest award in journalism. Education in this prestigious university is $ 31,500 per year. We say that the Columbia University are preparing men of action. As in other universities with a rich history here has its own traditions. It also decided to run naked (on a certain day in October), shouting through the windows at night during the session. Ending the same exams students celebrate the mass absorption of alcohol on the steps of the library.

9. Cambridge University

Founded in 1209. 83 graduate of Cambridge became Nobel laureates. Today it is the largest figure among universities in the world. Tuition fees – 9,000 pounds annually. Last year, took first place in annual ranking of the world’s leading universities for the first time in seven years, edging out second place Harvard University . Consists of 31 college, three of which accept only women. The remaining 28 colleges – are mixed. summer in Cambridge, one can observe the students who attend the ceremonial blazers and white shirts and ties over the short-shorts. The fact that the university has a strict rule requiring the walk in suits and ties, but say nothing about pants. This also used by students. However, the traditions here are respected. Chief among them – a massive leap in the session passed the local river water. Never mind that the river is cold and deep – students at risk life and limb without thinking about consequences.

10. Oxford University

Located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. Date of foundation is unknown, however, taught there as early as 1096. Consists of 38 colleges, as well as six residences – private schools belonging to religious orders without the status of the college. Now in Oxford, studying more than 20 thousand students, a quarter of them – foreigners. Oxford finished the writers Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde, Ronald Tolkien and Aldous Huxley , a number of monarchs, the legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher . Education in Oxford, is from 9,000 to 12,000 pounds per year. Despite the respectable, are not alien to the university experiments. For example, last year in its walls, the scientific conference dedicated to the porn industry. It involved including the stars of the genre, which caused great interest among students. The rules of examinations at Oxford University says that if you appear on the exam on horseback in armor and a sword, the examiners will give you a jug of ale. In addition, it is assumed here throw trash students passed the exam.

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