Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

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You will find that loose ordinary clothes, in a bigger size if necessary, will see you through most of your pregnancy. A few basic garments that are interchangeable will help you achieve a variety of looks. But skirts and trousers with elasticated waists, baggy shirts, and big t-shirts in natural fibres such as cotton. Choose underwear with some cotton content for softness and absorbency and maternity tights or stockings to give your legs support. As your breasts are likely to increase in size rapidly during the early months of pregnancy, it makes sense to buy a well-fitting support bra early. This will prevent your breasts sagging which will help them to return to their normal shape once the baby is born.
.Front-opening dresses won’t be restricted, and can be useful for breast-feeding.
.You can still stay trendy by wearing a larger size of leggings over the bump, which can be concealed with a long, loose T-shirt.

.Front-opening dungarees are comfortable to wear in both early and late pregnancy, as they expand with you.

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