Your Sleeveless Season Prep Plan

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Read on to see five easy ways you can be sure your limbs will be ready for spring — no matter how teeny the tank top

There are few things that can make a casual tank or simple sundress truly head turning as smooth, flawless arms. Sure, a stack of noisy bangles or and oversized cuff may fancy up the look, but there is no better accessory than tan and toned limbs.

Just think about it: when Demi Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow hit the red carpet in a sleeveless number you may not always notice her diamond bracelet but we bet you never miss how fantastic her biceps look.

Luckily, prepping for sleeveless fashions is far easier than getting ready to squeeze into that itty-bitty bikini (since you only need to concentrate on one body part). In fact, you can be tank top-prepped in five easy steps. Keep reading for everything you need to know to be armed and ready.

Beauty and Personal Grooming

Beauty and Personal Grooming

  1. SMOOTH MOVE : Even if your arms are as toned as Cameron Diaz’s, having tiny bumps along your biceps can ruin your overall look. Nix those rough patches with an exfoliating scrub containing lactic or glycolic acid, which gets rid of dirt and oil buildup and won’t irritate sensitive skin.
  2. SKIN SOOTHERS : Being ready for sleeveless season means more than just looking the part. You also have to ace that sniff-test. So grab a long-lasting deodorant such as Dove Go Sleeveless Fragrance Free Deodorant, which not only keeps you fresh but also moisturizes your underarms so skin is soft.
  3. FUZZ-KILL Few things can ruin a pretty sundress as quickly as furry armpits. Waxing is painful, and laser hair removal though pricey works wonders. But most of us opt for daily shaving. If this is your M.O. be sure you remember to always use shaving cream and check that your razor doesn’t have a dull blade (replace it every four or five shaves). These two seemingly small tricks will help you avoid nicks and redness.
  4. TONE UP Obviously the best way to get gorgeous arms is to work out regularly. Sure, there’s always your standard pushups, pull ups, and dips, or you could try this move for immediate results:Do 15 to 20 repetitions each, two to three times minimum.
    1. Get in a pushup position.
    2. Extend your right arm forward as far as it will go while bringing your left knee in toward your chest. Drop down for a pushup. 3. Return to pushup position.
    4. Repeat on the opposite side.
  5. GLOW FOR IT Here’s a classic tip every Victoria’s Secret model swears by: shimmer lotion. It’s a simple trick but it really works. You see, opting for a moisturizer with subtle light-reflecting particles helps camouflage blemishes and gives your arms a healthy glow without that orange self-tanner effect.

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